Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #121-Focus on the Subject

It turns out that one of my favorite Subjects for picture-taking is my black cat, Kikyo. She follows me everywhere around the house, so I can take her picture in all sorts of situations. However, isn’t it true that it is very tricky to photograph a black cat (see what I did there? Happy Halloween!)? You just have to get the lighting right.

Now, today’s subject is “focus on the subject”, and one of Patti’s situations was contrast, and “focus on the eyes”. Kikyo has beautiful gold eyes that make her look so intelligent! I loved this picture so much, I use it on the lock-screen of my phone.

Her gold eyes just capture you, mesmerize you.

As for “leading lines and repeating patterns”, when we were in Cape May, New Jersey, in 2012, I was taken with how the tops of the grasses, echo the horizontal lines of the ocean.

Then, I turned around, and found, right at my feet, a pleasant repeating pattern. If you didn’t know what it was, you might think they are sand dunes from the air. But I just took a picture of the sand on the path I was standing on.

It was actually hard for me to choose a photo illustrating an arch. The following was taken in 2007 when we were in Israel. I walked by myself through the Old City of Jerusalem, specifically the Armenian Quarter. Those arches just invite you to walk through.

As for freezing the action, here’s one for Patti.

Sarah’s Falls

This is actually a closeup of Sarah’s Falls, in Montour Falls, New York. We did go to Watkins Glen on that vacation, and there are also many falls like this all over the Finger Lakes region New York. I just loved the many layers of rock, and their uneven wear by the falling water and the plants.

Next, some more “leading lines”. Ever since I rode on an aircraft carrier on a bright spring day, I have loved the wakes of big ships. The wake is a temporary indication of “where we came from”, and I was surprised and delighted to see how that huge ship (the Abraham Lincoln) could make a very tight turn shown by its wake making a nearly 45-degree angle. So now, every time I take a ferry, or go on a cruise, I go to the stern and photograph the wake.

Washington State Ferry in Puget Sound
Cruise Ship Crystal Symphony in Western Pacific Ocean

Finally, here’s a great photo of leading lines, repeating patterns, and color. Simple display of vegetables in an Asian market near our home.

Thanks, Patti, for the great challenge this week!

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15 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #121-Focus on the Subject

  1. Love it, RBabe! I stopped on the pic of Jerusalem’s old city, feeling I had been there before. Because I had!

    Did you do the self-guided ‘Castle Wall Walk?’ I love Jerusalem.

    1. Not specifically. I just walked sort of randomly around the Old City, after visiting the Western Wall. I have a good friend who is Armenian, and I visited there to get photos for her. It might be time for me to do a new photo post on our trip to Israel with Michael Medved in 2007.

  2. After we defeat the ChiComs and the world gets back to its new normal, I recommend that tour to anybody who is reasonably healthy. One is allowed to walk for just a few shekels something like 70% (if memory serves) of the ancient castle wall that still surrounds the old city.

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