Let’s Play “Demoralize the Population”

First, you have the Washington state governor, who has been Ruling by Decree since March, say that “Outdoor Sports Will now Be Allowed, With Restrictions”.

Then, after reciting all the restrictions, you publish a statement by an All-Powerful Medical Expert:

Dr. Jonathan Drezner, director of the UW Medicine Center for Sports Cardiology and a team physician for the Seattle Seahawks, warns that the new guidance issued by the governor does not mean we’ll see youth practices and games this week, next week, or even at all. Resuming these activities, he said, depends on where you live, the new case averages, and the county’s average infection rates.

It also depends on the sport being played. Drezner says soccer, for example, is less likely to spread the virus since bodily contact is brief and it’s an outdoor sport. Disease would seem to have a higher chance of spreading in football and basketball, in which players are face to face throughout the game, he noted.

And, don’t forget, it is the middle of October, with Winter on its way.  Yes, outdoor sports will be allowed, with restrictions (including no spectators), until it’s too cold and rainy to play outside.  Oh, yes, and we in the Pacific Northwest have been told that the coming winter is supposed to be cold and wet, with lots of snow.

DOH Concerned Over “Steadily Increasing” COVID Cases in Western Washington

Governor Vetoes Bill to Reopen State Restaurants at Full Capacity

Bellevue School District Pushes Back In-person Learning Plans Until January

Growing concerns on Covid re-infection as Seattle man contracts virus a second time.

Thanksgiving Gatherings pose huge risks this year.  Says Dr. Fauci.

CDC Announces High and low Risk Halloween Activities   Kids can kiss trick-or-treating goodbye this year.

Here are more recent headlines, stories found on KOMO on October 29.

Economy grew at record pace in third quarter, BUT pandemic still poses challenges.  First the good news, then the demoralizing BUT.  Nope, can’t have  that unalloyed good news, can we?

King County employees ordered to work from home until July of 2021.  People need human contact.  This will deny this KC employees contact with their coworkers for nearly a year.

Washington’s Covid-19 rate still too high on both sides of the Cascades, experts say.  Yes, those Experts are telling citizens that they are not adequately distancing, mask-wearing, and cleaning enough.  Their jobs are not at risk, so they feel no problems with telling YOU to destroy your own life and livelihood by staying home and never seeing family or friends.


Another venerable societal tradition (Seattle), Canceled.  I knew they were going to have to do this.  The first time in Fifty Years!

UUC logo - flaming chalice in a U
Handel’s Messiah
Sing-And-Play Along

For 50 years, more than 400 singers and instrumentalists have performed Handel’s entire oratorio, all choruses and solos, every December 26th at University Unitarian Church. Under the baton of Conductor Karen P. Thomas, this beloved annual community event draws musicians from around the area and from a wide range of spiritual traditions.

So it is with a heavy heart, for the continued health and safety of instrumentalists and singers and in compliance with local and state requirements for gatherings, we have cancelled the Messiah Sing-and-Play-Along for 2020.

We will share news and information later this year with ways you can stay connected to making and enjoying music.

Our low ticket prices, our wonderful refreshments, our door prizes, our fabulous volunteers and our fast pace through the score have always made the Messiah Sing-and-Play-Along a fun holiday tradition.

We look forward to when we can sing together again! To stay in touch, please follow us on Facebook.

The Messiah Sing-and-Play-Along is hosted by UUC’s Music Committee to benefit our music program throughout the year.

We all know that Unitarians are good little Leftists, and Government Masters do not bother them one bit.  I will miss this greatly-we play the entire Messiah, every single note; the choir gets better every year, and we instrumentalists love hearing them all sing all the arias, recitatives, and choruses.

Coronavirus Update: Washington State Covid-19 cases pass 97,000 Never miss a chance to alarm the public with that ever-increasing “case count”, with no mention of the really important statistics on hospitalizations and deaths, which have been decreasing for months. And how many “cases” might they be missing, since many are asymptomatic or very mild?. I also wonder how many people will not report their own mild cases to the State?

Another similar headline: Covid-19 Updates-Local officials warn against spread of virus indoors. This says STAY AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE!

Airlines plan for prolonged coronavirus travel drought. Some airlines have already gone bankrupt from government travel bans. Many European countries still will accept no American tourists. So, many people can kiss vacations goodbye this year.

Airlines have two primary challenges: easing a fear of flying that has taken hold during the pandemic and reinventing themselves to compete for a share of an air-travel business that has abruptly become much smaller.

“Mask Up America” campaign claims to be able to save 100,000 lives by the end of the year. How, pray tell, will they measure those “lives saved”? And there is all sorts of data that say that Masks Do Not Stop the Wuhan Coronavirus, especially the cloth “face coverings” that are recommended for every single person to wear. Reading the article, you see that the IHME at the U of Washington’s Models predict this. The models have been wrong every time, but are continually used to predict mass deaths to demoralize the population.

Now, some headlines and quotes from the Wall Street Journal. Since the Journal is behind a paywall, I cannot link to these stories. But you will get the idea.

Pandemic puts damper on holiday shopping

Part of the Brooklyn Covid-19 uptick traces to Jersey Shore town

With fewer Covid-19 restrictions, South’s economy outperforms nation. Wow! An actual bit of good news, but not for us northerners in Blue states.

Spin studio in Canada has 72-person coronavirus outbreak despite safety measures. Demoralize the people by telling them that, no matter what they do, they are basically doomed to get sick. Again, NO mention of how many of those cases were asymptomatic, in the headline. The story says that everyone who tested positive for the virus “is well”. And the studio did not force their class-members to wear masks while working out on their bikes in the studio. So, another source of well-being for people is closed down, until “it is safe to reopen”. Safe, determined by whom? Surely not the owners of the spin studio!

In Europe, Rise in Young Infecting the Old. The young are less at risk from the virus. So, now let’s demoralize the young by blaming them for making their elders sick.

Sweden Imposes New Rules Amid Surge. Even Sweden, with its good record of dealing with the virus without shutting down their society, needs to impose new rules. However, if you read the article, the new rules are described as “voluntary”.

Personally, I don’t may much attention to all the publicity about the Deadly Virus, unless it affects me directly. Like the Seattle Chamber Music Winter Festival, and the entire 2020-2021 season of the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra announcing that their concerts will be all “virtual”. Their concerts will be a lot less expensive, and we can watch from the comfort of our family room, but what have we lost? Human Contact. Musicians NEED an audience, and now they are being forced, by the Government, to play to an empty room. No post-concert dinners with donors, no applause, no “Bravos”, no warmth. Just the stage, the lights, the video cameras, and the piano page-turner wearing a mask.

Please, followers, get Angry, not Demoralized. Write to your Congress reps and senators, and urge them to let you Get Back to Living. Write to your Mayors and City Council representatives, and tell them to let you Get Back to Living. Don’t help them succeed in destroying Society.

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