A Little Help for America

This afternoon, in Washington DC, Judge Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as the newest Justice on the Supreme Court.  In the vote in the Senate, all of the DemocRat members acted like little babies, throwing a temper tantrum. The majority of them refused to be in the room for the vote, and the ones who were there, voted No and then walked out.  They cast no light on the Senate by their behavior.  She was sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas

So, starting right away, the Court now has its full complement of nine Justices, who will be hearing cases immediately.  Justice Barrett is well-known as a Textualist, Originalist, who interprets the Constitution as it was originally written, and decides cases based on the Law, not on a political agenda.  She will be a most excellent Justice, for, we hope, a very long time.

Congratulations, Justice Barrett!

11 thoughts on “A Little Help for America

  1. So very happy the lady’s bravery wasn’t tested to breaking.

    Yeah, they’re going to try to hurt her, and will keep doing it– but clearly folks LEARNED from the whole BK thing, and they were ready this time.

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