Now, which party was it that constantly harps on wanting to “get the big money out of politics”?

I do believe that the push for “campaign-finance reform” came from the DemocRat party, with the assistance of RINO Senator John McCain (McCain-Feingold).  Oh, and also the infamous “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision that allowed, get this, Corporations and Labor Unions to spend money on political campaigns.  Numerous groups declare their interest in repealing that “Citizens United” ruling, even though it would mean their favored labor unions would also not be able to give money to campaigns.

I wonder why no one seems too worried that multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg, running as a DemocRat, has been simply pouring money into his campaign for president.  It sure looks like he is trying to BUY the DemocRat nomination to me.  Hey, DemocRats, how about looking close to home for the goal of getting all that big corporate money out of politics (yes, Bloomberg got all his money from his Company, Bloomberg, LP, which provides financial information).

Oh, and I almost forgot! What about that other billionaire DemocRat running for president, Tom Steyer? The one-issue candidate pouring multi-millions of his own money into the campaign? Funny, you don’t hear much about him, do you? He doesn’t even register in most polls. Another fool, just like Bloomberg.

You can’t spell Democrats without…

You can’t spell Democrats without…

Rats.  Those wily little rodents are much in the news lately, after our President took jabs at Maryland Representative Elijah Cummings who represents Baltimore.  It seems that more than one news outlet in that area has done stories, and documentaries describing the rat-infestation problems in Baltimore.  It is well-known that rats follow humans wherever they go, or live, and have been since time immemorial (probably since humans settled down in towns and engaged in agriculture).  Cities with endemic poverty, like Baltimore, have more rats than other places.

New York City has its own rat problem, in various neighborhoods, says a story in Pravda on the Hudson (hat tip, Prof. Paul Rahe of Hillsdale College), better known as the New York Times.

Los Angeles is also home to an excess of rats, who have brought with them ancient diseases like Typhus, that have not been seen in America in over a century.

Even Austin, Texas has its own rat infestation.

Seattle, which has one of the largest homeless populations in the US, is plagued by new infestations of rats, which like the abundant trash they can find in the homeless camps scattered around the formerly-beautiful city.

And what do all the cities mentioned above have in common?  They have been run for decades by, you guessed it, DemocRATS.

‘Nuff Said.

The Voters of the State of Washington Double Down on Democrat Destruction

May I add my disgust at the results of yesterday’s election.  I am ashamed to be a resident of the state where the voters vote themselves higher taxes, boondoggle projects that waste their dollars (choo-choo train that 1% of the population will ride), essentially disarm their police (after I 940 passes with 60% support, police will be regulated to death and almost have to ask the criminal’s permission to respond with deadly force-the initiative Curbs Police Violence!!); disarm themselves with gun regulations (I 1639 adds more onerous regulation of legal firearms owned by law-abiding citizens, thus reducing every citizen’s ability to defend himself from the increasing crime, especially in cities); and make all the more certain that more ineffective social programs are coming.

The voters of WA sent an abortion-supporting Pediatrician(!) to Congress, turning Blue a district that has been Red for many years; voted down their loudest voice in the State House against the predations of un-Sound Transit (I wish Mark Harmsworth much luck and prosperity in the rest of his life, and mourn that I do not live in his district), and sent even more D’s to the state legislature. [And the Board of un-Sound Transit is about to give the Capo di Tutti Capi a big raise-on MY DIME].  I always knew my own district was a lost cause (the ass with the perpetual sneer who is NOT my “representative” in Congress received 72% of the vote) and the entire state is even a bigger lost cause now.  Of the ten WA congressional districts, seven are now represented by Democrats.

As expected, the citizens of Seattle voted themselves another huge “families and education levy” that will not improve either families or education (throwing money at problems never solves them).  But then, the liberals who tax themselves to death do not CARE whether they have any effect whatsoever; they just feel so good that they are helping (which they do not).

State voters did do a couple of good things.  They emphatically rejected yet another “carbon fee”, which we recognize is really a Carbon Tax, and they made illegal the banning or taxing of particular food products by local jurisdictions (here’s looking at you, Seattle Sweetened Beverage Tax).

Well, the citizens of the State of Washington get exactly the government they elect.  I just wish I didn’t have to live with what the Democ-Rats vote for.

So, Democrats…Let’s Talk Money in Politics, Shall We?

So, Democrats…Let’s Talk Money in Politics, Shall We?

Democrats just love talking night and day about getting the big money out of politics.  They constantly rail about elections being “bought” by “special interest groups” and rich donors (they love to demonize the Koch brothers and Wall Street).  Their cure for the big money in politics is often “public financing”, meaning government support of political candidates (don’t they care that some of their money might be used to finance campaigns by those filthy Republicans?).

This week, there was a well-publicized and analyzed special election in the state of Georgia, to replace Republican Tom Price who left to join the Trump Administration.  The Democrat candidate was a first-time youngster, who didn’t even live in the district he claimed to want to represent.  His opponent was a well-regarded, experienced local candidate, with lots of name recognition.

The Democrats figured that this was a good chance to confirm that everyone hates Trump, and are most anxious to replace Republicans with Democrats so they can take over the House in the 2018 midterm elections.  In pursuit of that goal, prominent Democrat celebrities held fund-raisers and made commercials in support of Jon Ossoff.  The party raised over 23 million dollars for their candidate.  Now, that sounds like Big Money to me!  The Democrats out-spent the Republicans three to one in this election.  Here is the result.  How about those long faces on the CNN “reporters” on Tuesday night?


They don’t look very happy, do they?  TWENTY-THREE MILLION DOLLARS spent, 90% of it from outside the state of Georgia!  And they still lost.  In fact, there have been a total of five special elections recently to replace officials who joined the Trump Administration, and not one Democrat won.  Congratulations to Karen Handel, new Representative from the 6th District of Georgia.

The sound that could be heard from many conservative households this week?   BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Picking up Where Rush Left Off

Yeah, I’m way behind on my podcast listening.  The one I listened to today was the end of July sometime.  He recited a list of  “what the Democrat Party is”, entities and causes that many people don’t know were Dem strongholds.  He started with the ones that are most obvious in today’s news:

Black Lives Matter


New Black Panthers


Illegal immigrants

Occupy Wall Street


Striking the mention of God from their party platform

Transgender bathroom advocates

Pro “death panels” in ObamaCare

Pedophiles (Bill Clinton’s billionaire buddy)

Baby butchers of Planned Parenthood


And I thought of some that he didn’t mention:

The Ku Klux Klan


Felons (VA governor restores their civil rights so they can be a new Democrat voting bloc)

George Wallace, the famous segregationist of the 1960s

Homosexual activists who put small businesses out of business if they won’t participate in ceremonies that are against their religious beliefs

Stoners, pot-smokers, and other drug-users

Politicians who boast of destroying an entire industry (coal-mining) and putting thousands of workers out of jobs

High-speed trains to nowhere

Carbon taxes that increase the cost of living for everyone, especially the lower-earning people

Slavery-the congresspeople who opposed Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation were Democrats!

Something for all you millennials who vote Democrat without thinking, to think upon.

What the Op-ed Writers Don’t Get about Obama’s Economy

Last week, Michael Solon wrote an op-ed essay in the Wall Street Journal entitled “What Democrats and the CBO Don’t Get”.  He was talking about how the administration’s actions relating to the economy are not leading to economic growth, which is the best way to increase federal revenues and improve conditions for Americans.  However, none of them get the real problem here.  Ayn Rand said, when you are looking at any situation, if results don’t appear to follow actions, you should “check your premises”, and I have found this to be very helpful.  Unfortunately, too many op-ed writers commenting on the Obama economy completely miss the real issue.  Their assumption is that Democrats and the administration value economic growth, and want to improve the lives of all Americans.  That is an incorrect assumption, especially if you really pay attention to what those people and groups have said, in the media and in their writings.

Just look at what is actually happening, and you will see that Obama and his minions in Washington don’t care about economic growth, or the standard of living of the “American people”, who they like to invoke when demanding higher taxes and more regulation.  What they REALLY care about is POWER, and moving more political power from the People to the State.  Just read all the stories about huge monetary settlements extracted from big banks, insurance companies, and industries.  The Great Recession and financial crises were pretty much over by 2010, but the Obama minions are still suing banks for billions more dollars, and enforcing onerous regulations, in order to bring them under the jack boot of the government.  A bank now can’t breathe without getting permission from Uncle Sam.  The Feds have completely taken over the student loan industry, which gives them control of the lives of colleges and their students.  They have also begun to put most for-profit educational institutions out of business, reducing choices of adult learners.  Through Obamacare, the Feds have taken over the best medical care system in the world, reducing insurance choices for millions of citizens, increasing costs, and making doctors employees of the State.

The Democrats in power don’t really care about increasing government tax revenue (their “economists” are not stupid-they know that economic growth is higher when more people get to keep their hard-earned money).  All they want is to be able to reward their friends (environmentalists, labor unions, academics, illegal immigrants, homosexuals) and punish their enemies.  They have done just that, making the IRS into a political cudgel against conservatives, and attempting to confiscate more and more of the hard-earned wealth of successful business leaders.  Their  ultimate aim is to create a dependent class whose sole source of sustenance is the Government, and they are making fairly good headway.  They figure that, the more welfare they can hand out to more people, the more likely those beneficiaries all are to vote Democrat, and keep THEM in power.  The population of America should wake up, and resist the efforts of Government to reduce them to wards of the State.

Thoughts on the Midterm Election…and After

Thoughts on the Midterm Election…and After

Most of the votes are counted.  Winners and losers have been declared.  All day yesterday, and most of today, I’ve been projecting into the future, what yesterday’s election results mean.    Many Democrats went down to defeat yesterday, as did the majority of libertarians running as such (Michael Medved likes to call them “losertarians”).  Stalwart Republican Governors like Rick Scott of Florida, Rick Snyder of Michigan, Paul LePage of Maine, and Scott Walker of Wisconsin held off their lowlife Democrat challengers, and will now have the next four years to continue to implement their policies of greater freedom and lower taxes for their constituents.  Since Scott Walker in Wisconsin did away with automatic union dues withholding for teachers, their unions have lost up to half of their members (whose dues support Democrat candidates), and school districts that were in debt and doing poorly are running surpluses.  In New York, Andrew Cuomo will have a mandate to increase taxes on his “golden goose” financial-industry bigwigs.  I wonder when they will finally have had enough, and decamp en-masse for Florida (which has no income taxes, and a much nicer climate).

I hope this election finally puts to rest the Democrat lie of the Republican “war on women”.  How about Mia Love, the black woman from Utah, who won election to the House of Representatives.  How about Saira Blair, elected to the House from West Virginia, at age 18!  How about Janet Nguyen and Young Kim, elected to the California legislature (which is 100% in Democrat control).  How about Senators Joni Ernst of Iowa, and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia.  Republicans can’t be undertaking a war on women, because they ARE women!

Many of us conservatives out there are gloating, at least for a while.  But just having R’s in control of Congress does not guarantee that we can push back the tides of socialist decline in our country.  The next Congress will have some huge projects to get to.  Like repealing all or part of Obamacare, stopping the higher minimum-wage, fighting back against the president “pen-and-phone” declaration of amnesty for millions of illegal aliens (which is guaranteed to come), repealing many of the cuts to the defense budget, and enforcing our southern border to stop more illegals from crossing.  They will have their work cut out for them, big-time.

Here is what I want the Republicans to do (good luck with that!):

Fight Obama on every front.  No compromise!  No yielding on our principles!

Pass smaller spending bills to fund the important things, like the VA, Defense, and the CDC.

Stop the Executive Branch from tearing down our allies, and courting our enemies.  Support the State of Israel in every way possible.

Get control of the EPA bureaucracy, and STOP the war on coal, which is still a vital part of our energy mix.

Approve the Keystone Pipeline, which can create thousands of “living-wage” jobs.

Repeal Obamacare.


Begin the process of eliminating the Department of Education in its entirety.  Reduce the peoples’ taxes in the entire amount of their budget.

Enact tax reform, so the people who make this country work can be free to invest their money their way, and save for their own retirement.

Stop the Bureau of Labor Statistics from grossly understating the real unemployment rate in the US.  No more doctored figures!

Quit taking abuse from the mainstream press.  Start fighting back against their lies and mis-information campaigns, and refuse to answer their leading questions-point out what they are really doing.  And take this fight to the public, all day every day.



I want the next two years to be the Obama Administration’s worst nightmare.  And our finest hour.

Politicians In Disgrace…

In The News Today:

The Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, Patrick Cannon, ARRESTED, then RESIGNS.

California State Senator Leland Yee, ARRESTED on various fraud charges.

US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, under FBI INVESTIGATION for giving campaign money to his granddaughter.

Rhode Island House speaker Gordon Fox, UNDER INVESTIGATION BY FBI, IRS, US Attorney’s office.

New York (Queens) Assemblyman William Scarborough, OFFICE RAIDED BY FBI.


In The Recent Past:


Ex-Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, CONVICTED and sent to prison for Public Corruption.

Ex-Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, CONVICTED of Public Corruption.

Ex-Attorney General of New York, Eliot Spitzer, Resigned in Disgrace, sullied by Prostitution Scandal.

Three Mayors of Camden, New Jersey, have been ARRESTED on Corruption Charges.



So what do all of these corrupt, disgraced politicians have in common?  THEY ARE ALL DEMOCRATS.  ‘Nuff Said.


Is It a War On Terror? Or Merely Law Enforcement?

Terror Mastermind Captured“>

This link leads to a Fox News report of US Navy SEALs capturing a prominent terror figure, the mastermind behind the US Embassy bombings in Africa in 1988. The headline, however, does not reflect the disappointing treatment of this TERROR figure by US forces. This Muslim Terrorist is going to be treated as a COMMON CRIMINAL! This Islamist fighter, whose objective is to destroy the United States of America, is going to be READ HIS RIGHTS on the Navy vessel where he is being held!!

Maybe I’m wrong (but I don’t think so), but this Islamist Terror Mastermind is NOT a US Citizen, and, thus, he HAS NO RIGHTS. The inept bunch of boobs who are supposedly running this country, are totally misguided if they think that our enemies will be doing anything but laughing in our faces at this demonstration of kindness and consideration toward the captured criminal. Only the Democrats who populate our increasingly irrelevant State Department would even think of treating our enemies as common criminals. Just what kind of information do they think they can extract from this guy once they read him his (non-existent) rights and provide him with a free lawyer? Do they really think that he can be convicted of anything, once his taxpayer-funded lawyer advises him to stay quiet? How does that make YOU, the US Citizen feel, that YOUR TAX DOLLARS are going to fund the defense of the Islamist Terrorist who is trying to destroy you and your country?