Did you say “politicization of the vaccine”?

It seems that the governor/dictators of New York and California this morning have indicated that they will question the safety of any vaccine for the Wuhan Coronavirus that is approved, and they will require State approval before the vaccine may be given to their citizens subjects.

Trump Derangement Syndrome now governs whether any new vaccine will be approved in New York and California. I am waiting for the rest of the blue states to do the same. The states above say THEY are worried about politicization of the vaccine, when they are the ones doing it! They are stating that they will potentially harm their own citizens, especially the elderly who might most benefit from a vaccine, in order to deny President Trump some sort of “victory”. This is evil.

One thought on “Did you say “politicization of the vaccine”?

  1. accordion2ray

    California is entitled to have their own emissions standards because of their differing susceptibilities to air pollution, but this is mostly political posturing that will likely not delay the availability of the vaccine in these states based on how quickly each state’s health authorities are anticipated to be able to approve the vaccines. However, actually delaying the vaccine after it becomes widely available in other states will not come without costs to residents of CA/NY. Neighboring states might impose travel restrictions on CA/NY residents as well as retain rules such as face coverings and social distancing for those state residents even after they are able to remove those rules for residents in their own states.
    From my years I spent in upstate NY studying in college in the 70’s, New York, “The Empire State,” always impressed me The Empire State” as wanting to be first and better in almost everything. Taking such an intransigent position seems backward.

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