Congratulations to My Hero

Congratulations to My Hero

On August 1, Rush Limbaugh celebrated the Thirtieth Year of EIB Excellence in Broadcasting.  Nearly singlehandedly, Rush Limbaugh started the revolution in Political Talk Radio, and he maintains it to this day.  For thirty years, he has spent three hours each weekday speaking to the American public about events and people who make America work, and about the politicians and organizations who hamper that work.

I started listening to Rush in 2001, when my boyfriend (now husband) turned on the radio in the car on our way out to dinner.  My first exclamation was “You’re not going to make me listen to Rush Limbaugh?!”; back then, I believed all his many detractors in the liberal media.  Well, I have to tell you that it only took about 15 minutes to change my mind.  Listening to his monologue turned out to be the best commentary on modern life that I had ever heard.  And he was funny, to boot!  I was totally hooked, and became a regular listener.

I was fortunate to be able to get on his show in August of 2005, and spoke to the Great One on the radio.  I was impressed by how gracious a host he was, and we carried on a spirited conversation.  He also was pleased to hear how I had become a listener.  That was a smashing experience for me, and I cherish the memory.

So, here’s to the next Thirty Years for My Hero, Rush Limbaugh!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! (Dem) Pollster Pat Caddell Agrees with Rush Limbaugh!!

I am currently on a cruise ship, the Crystal Symphony, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, heading east toward Mexico, in the company of a large contingent of Hillsdale College supporters and employees.  On our sea days, we have been presented with a group of the best speakers known to conservatives.  Self-identified Democrat Pat Caddell has treated us to some inside secrets of the polling universe, and we have been often startled by how conservative he actually sounds. In fact, I have been pleasantly surprised at how many times he has seemed to agree with my Hero, Rush Limbaugh, about events taking place in the US recently.


Nearly the first idea he expressed, that “the sovereignty of the US has been hijacked by the Political Class against the American People”.  Funny, but Rush has been saying this for years.  Mr. Caddell cited results showing that 70% of Americans have expressed the opinion that the country is “in decline”, and that today’s children will not be as prosperous as their parents are.  He says that the political class has all the power, and uses it to make their own rules-there are essentially separate codes of conduct for the political class, and the rest of the people (to whom they are supposed to be answerable).

Here is Caddell’s Law:  The Wisdom of the American People in the aggregate cannot be denied.  Pat notes that the elites are allied with the mainstream Press in telling the People what they should think.  Again, another place where he agrees with Rush Limbaugh, who has been discussing this for nearly as long as he has been in the public eye.  And he agrees with Rush that today’s Democrats and bureaucrats are attempting to nullify the results of the 2016 presidential election that brought Donald Trump to power.  He even used the same word to describe what is taking place!  Both men, one a staunch conservative, the other a Democrat, have described the same actions of those who believe that Trump’s election was illegitimate, and that he is mentally unstable and unfit for the high office to which he was elected.

In Caddell’s talk on the polling business today, he started by describing how the media’s polls are biased, and ignore responses that are counter to their anti-Trump narrative (thus presenting false results).  Bingo!  Another area of agreement with Rush! He pointed out the colleges, like Marist and Quinnipiac, that have started their own polling operations, and how their student poll-takers are subtly influencing the answers they receive from those they poll.  Remember now that most colleges in the US today are strongholds of progressivism, safe-spaces, snowflakes, and Trump-hatred.  And he also noted how often media and college polls over-sample Democrats. Bingo again!  Rush has been mentioning this for a long time, that this artificially lowers the ratings of Republicans, and understates the actual popular support for President Trump.

Caddell also notes how the media do minute-by-minute polls when the Republicans are doing poorly or in the midst of a (often media-fueled) scandal; but they go silent when the Conservative party is doing well.  Bingo!  Rush has mentioned often how the press kept the heat on President George W. Bush, and misrepresented the economy as doing worse than it actually was.  Our speaker went over the whole Benghazi scandals, and how the media and the Obama Administration perpetuated lie after lie after lie to deflect attention away from Hillary Clinton’s culpability for the deaths of four of our American diplomats.  Bingo!!  More agreement with Rush!

Mr. Caddell says that the media are telling us which “truth” we may know, and they suppress the Truth.  He thinks, and our audience agrees, that the press are making themselves the enemy of the American public.  He emphasized how the advent of 24-hour TV news coverage has expanded the power of the media, and enabled them to literally destroy a law-abiding American’s life and career.  Remember Joe the Plumber, whose life was turned upside-down when he was seen as not supporting the previous president?  He notes that in the 20th Century, the press deferred to presidents, and did not ask tough questions.  Now, they try to destroy the duly-elected president!

Rush has often discussed how the Press does not report what happened, but what they Want to happen, and Pat Caddell is in agreement with that.  Mr. Caddell also discussed how in times past White House correspondents for major media organizations were experienced veterans of years in the news business, while today’s “reporters” are raw college recruits, with little knowledge of the way the White House should be covered.  They mainly report on events that coincide with their preferred narrative, and ignore things that don’t. Bingo!  Another agreement with Rush.

Mr. Caddell also discussed how today’s news-readers sound exactly alike when reporting a particular news story, to the extent of even using all the same words and phrases.  Triple Bingo!  Rush Limbaugh has had his experienced production team producing montages of all the news readers expounding on the same subject, and you can plainly hear how everyone sounds exactly alike!  In fact, those montages are the best part of Rush’s demonstration of how today’s media operate.

So, Mr. Pat Caddell, when are you going to finally admit the obvious?  Isn’t it time for you to leave the “dark side”, and come out and admit that you are not really a Democrat, but a Republican?  If you do that, and join us, you will discover that we conservatives are real people, who work for a living and appreciate all work and workers.  We conservatives do NOT attempt to destroy the lives and livelihoods of those with whom we disagree, we reason with them and try to help them see the light.  We clean up after ourselves, and don’t leave the mountains of garbage behind at political rallies like the “progressives” do. And we welcome new people-the best conservatives are reformed “liberals”.  You have already seen, over the past week on the sea and in Hawaii, how friendly we are.  Join us!


STOP RUSH? Good Luck With That!!!

STOP RUSH?  Good Luck With That!!!

So, the good people (???) at Media Matters For America (a Liberal hate group, which spreads misinformation nationwide) have been carrying on a “grass-roots” smear campaign against Rush Limbaugh‘s radio show, trying to intimidate local businesses from advertising on Rush’s syndicated radio show (which is run on 600 radio stations).  Over here, the Heritage Foundation has an excellent story on the futile effort the Liberals are carrying on, to deny Rush his advertisers, and thus revenue for the EIB Network.  Funny thing…it isn’t working!  As Rush has said many times, advertisers are clamoring to be on his show, both locally and nationally.  Since the very beginning in the late 1980’s, Rush’s show has been the go-to place for businesses to promote themselves.  Rush’s listeners are about the most loyal there are, and we support Rush’s advertisers.  Heritage did some research, and found that the majority of anti-Rush Twitter messages were coming from about ten Media Matters henchmen, most from out of the state which they were targeting.  Liberals have always said that they supported the “little guy”, but actions speak louder than words.  In this media smear campaign, they are trying to deny local small firms the Limbaugh national advertising platform.  Not in small business’s best interests.

Well, Rush has many enemies, and they have not stopped him yet.  My bet, as a RushBabe, is that they never will.  My money is always on the Truth, and on my hero, Rush Limbaugh!

EDIT, on November 10.  Here’s a link to a Fox News story.  It seems that Mr. Limbaugh has threatened to sue the DCCC for defamation.  GO RUSH!!

The Natural Order of Things

My hero, Rush Limbaugh, likes to point out that, through much of human history, the natural order of things in our world has been tyranny and misery.  Since humans  started to live in groups, the vast majority of people have led lives that were “nasty, brutish, and short”.  Until very recently, human life-expectancy has been under 40 years.  The average person worked on the land, for a master who had no concern for his or his family’s lives.  Small groups of nobles ruled their lives, limited their choices, and commandeered their labor, and the fruits of that labor.

That situation began to change, in the 14th Century, when the populations of Europe and the Middle East were decimated by the Plague.  Barbara Tuchman’s book A Distant Mirrorgave an excellent account of that time.  For the first time, peasants had some power over nobles, who needed them to work the fields and mines.  The average person had somewhat more control of his life, and could bargain with the nobles over his situation.  He could leave his area and move to another, where there might be more demand for his services.

Gradually, the Natural Order of Things started to change.  We all know where that led… It led to the rise of Capitalism, elucidated by Adam Smith in his world-shaking book, The Wealth of Nations.  The Founders of the USA were aware of that tome, and many others, when they left Europe for America, in order that they should have Religious Freedom, and live their lives as They wished, not as their Masters wished.

Fast-forward to today.  Much of the developed world lives in luxury unimaginable to their recent ancestors.  Even today, great masses of humanity still live in semi-primitive conditions; many of those people every year, leave their miserable countries, and attempt to emigrate to other countries where they might be able to earn a better living, and support their families amid better conditions.  Why do you think so many people clamor, and apply, and positively break into our country?  Because, over the short history of the USA, we have led the way to Prosperity, and Liberty, based on our Founders’ vision of the Rule Of Law, Religious Freedom, and the ability to Pursue Happiness.

But beware, there are elements of our own people, who deem the previous history of America to be Evil, and Grasping, and Imperialistic.  They view the Founders of our country, perhaps the most remarkable group of people EVER in Human History, as thugs, who forcibly deprived the people living here when they arrived of their lives and culture. (Just so you know, the tribes of Native Americans were just as evil, and just as thuggish to each other, often warring among themselves over land and animals).  For nearly 50 years, public school children in America have been taught to hate their country and its founders.  We are now reaping the whirlwind, with whole parts of the world engulfed in war and destruction (Ukraine, Israel, Africa).

The United States was founded on an IDEA, of Liberty, not tyranny.  Even here, we are being subjected to the Tyranny of the EPA, ObamaCare, and the ever-present Executive Orders of the president who thinks he’s a King.  The Natural Order of Things changed with America.  We need to make sure that it does not get reversed, back to tyranny and misery.


I’m Up to the Challenge: Dinner Party Edition~History’s Best

This week’s challenge is a great one for me, as I have already given lots  of thought to who I’d invite to my “ideal dinner party” table.  First, the table is round, so everyone gets to talk to everyone else.  First guests are myself and my husband.  We are both middle-aged, Conservatives, and classical musicians (he plays clarinet and accordion, and I play violin).

Given the title of my Blog, the invitees are, first, Rush Limbaugh and his beautiful wife Katherine.  Rush is deaf, and has difficulty with hearing in large crowds, so they would be seated together.  Next guest is Johann Sebastian Bach, unarguably the world’s premier musician and composer.  No one, but No One, surpasses Mr. Bach for contributions to music.  My husband is a huge admirer of Bach, and he would have some excellent stories to tell about his times.  Next is Mr. Adam Smith, whose book, The Wealth of Nations, marked the beginning of Free Market Capitalism, which has enabled more of the world’s people to escape from poverty and tyranny than any other idea.  Finally, the last guest would be Mr. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.  A polymath, who made contributions to our country in many different fields (science, business, music, statecraft, government, letters…), he also would be a terrific conversationalist, who could enlighten the party with stories of the early USA.  I’m almost certain that Rush would be in Heaven at this dinner table, deafness or not!

All Hubby and I would have to do, aside from providing dinner, would be to sit back and listen, and learn from all of our distinguished guests.  My guess is that this dinner party would go on for many productive hours.  Daily Post-here’s one more!