“Our” People; and “Their” People

Our people get together to support our candidate:

Massive lines form ahead of Trump rally in North Carolina

Vs Their people get together to support their candidate:

Biden holds his biggest rally yet.

What their people have wrought in society:

Vs what our people have wrought in society.

St. Joseph Polish Catholic Church, Camden, NJ

Stores boarding up, closed for Election Day, bracing for possible violent riots

Our people do not riot in the streets when a new president is elected, even if we don’t like it very much. When our current president was elected in 2016, there were riots and marches the day after the election. This is their people.

Their people in 2016

Now, whose people do you want running our country? Ours or theirs? The choice is yours on Tuesday. Choose wisely, because your decision’s consequences will be felt for many years.

7 thoughts on ““Our” People; and “Their” People

      1. Ballots in ditches, Democrat elected officials opening calling for freaking soviet tribunals against the other side, public demands for loyalty oaths, mob action against those who aren’t far-left, five minute hate all over, the Biden campaign actually flippin’ called the police to accuse a Trump Train parade of “ambushing” them and then posted screen-caps from video that showed they tried to muscle a pickup with a Trump flag off the road but the SUV wasn’t willing to body slam….

        And I can’t even be too snarky about how they were scared to see that many Trump supporters, because look at how their guys behave when they outnumber the center-of-right.

  1. Yet the MSM tells us their presidential candidate and his round-heeled pick for VP garnered more enthusiasm in the voting booth than any human being in history including the light-bringer and community organizer himself, Barrack Insane Omega.

  2. We should all be aware by now of why Biden injected the Proud Boys into the first Presidential debate. What seemed so awkward, strange, and random at the time, makes perfect sense in hindsight.

  3. President Trump should not follow Nixon’s example. He should never concede to ChiCom’s carefully groomed then selected Manchurian candidate. We already know his VP will sell her body and soul to the highest bidder. Do you not think she will sellout America at China’s bidding?

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