Objective Effects of Defunding the Police (in addition to shutting down cities due to Wuhan Coronavirus)

Ever since George Floyd, a career criminal, was allegedly killed by police in Minneapolis, many voices raised in rage have called for defunding the police. Those voices, including and led by Black Lives Matter (a Marxist organization), have opined that police are, by their very nature, racist, and should be disbanded (this was on the agenda in Minneapolis), or defunded.

Here are some stories today in Seattle, regarding the police and policing.

City Council proposes to defund Seattle Police Department by 17% in 2021 in latest legislation.

Seattle’s Community Court Goal: Put No One in Jail

Now, here are some stories from other days this year, and places.

Seattle sees 525% Spike in Crime, Thanks to CHOP

Watch this one. It looks like the Seattle Police are now governed by BLM.

Seattle Police Dept. announces changes in protest response.

Minneapolis Homicides Surpass last year’s total

Minneapolis City Council Alarmed by Surge in Crime And they completely miss the connection between calling for defunding the police and withdrawing them, and higher crime.

Portland City Council votes to defund police by $15 Million

Portland Reported More Homicides in July Than Any Month

New York will take $1 Billion from Police

New York City Murders and Gang Violence Surged

Lawmakers vote to cut $15 Million from DC Police

DC Crime Stats 2020 Please note that homicide in Washington, DC is up 14%, Auto theft is up 44%, Arson is up 63%, and Assault is up 2%. Other crimes are down, probably due to the population being under house arrest for months due to the Wuhan Coronavirus government lockdowns.

Now, what do all the cities above have in common? They all have DemocRat Mayors, and the states are all ruled by DemocRats. And their voters have not voted in a Republican for many years. This is what they get.

One thought on “Objective Effects of Defunding the Police (in addition to shutting down cities due to Wuhan Coronavirus)

  1. accordion2ray

    If there were an intent to overthrow the legitimately elected government anywhere, the first line of defense would be the police, and they might be the only line of defense as long as blue state governors are reluctant to call in their National Guard.

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