“Peaceful Religion” you say? More proof that…

Islam Is Evil.  Pure Evil.

Hundreds of innocent worshippers all over Sri Lanka were murdered at their Easter services, by massive bombs placed among the pews at their churches.  The death toll is hundreds, and climbing.

This is your “peaceful” religion.  This is heartbreaking.  This is what should inspire justified outrage among Christians and Jews everywhere.

13 thoughts on ““Peaceful Religion” you say? More proof that…

  1. kayofmt

    Some people need to do something more, drop a few bombs on the evil, evil populations around them. Hashem ordered the Children of Israel to destroy some of the areas around where the Israelites were to live, down to the last man, woman, and child. And when we read that portion of the Bible we think that is so wrong, but roses don’t grow from weeds. I’ve had to rethink some of the orders given to the people, as I have never experienced the pure evilness of islam before. And when I read about it, didn’t associate it with what it actually is.


      Oh, gosh, let’s.

      Don’t forget to include “not dying” and “shot guys trying to overwhelm their borders.” AKA, “fought back,” just as the complaint has been about Israel– or any other large group of Jews or Christians– since WWII.

  2. Anonymous

    Not.For.One.Moment. Israel does not strap bombs to its babies. Israel does not blow up any houses of worship (unless they are used by Islamist Terrorists as ammunition dumps). Israel does not strap suicide vests to its teenagers. Israel does not hide missiles and bombs in hospitals.

    1. Given the choice between the guys who strap a bomb to a mentally disabled kid and send him at a checkpoint, and the guys who see him crying, listen to him, stand next to him, block the bomb’s remote detonator, save the kid— they choose the bastards who strap bombs to kids.

    1. De nada.

      I know bullies.

      I have been the target of bullies all my life.

      I despise bullies, and both despise and distain their lick-spittles like the passive aggressive assertion without fact that Israel is anywhere near as guilty as Islamic terrorists.

  3. kayofmt

    I despise islam, a hate filled philosophy that claims they are better than any other human on the planet, and their goal is to eliminate all others unless they join them.

    There was a reason Joshua was ordered to destroy all the inhabitants of Canaan; men, women and children. Their religious practice was sacrifice of children along with other evils and the Israelites were forbidden to practice the same.

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