A Politically-incorrect way to think about the conflict in Syria

So while our president is tying himself and his regime in knots trying to figure out what to do in/about Syria, here are some facts. The Iranians have said that, if we bomb Syria, they and their buddies, Hezbollah and Al-Quaeda, will take out the state of Israel. First of all, unlike our so-called commander in chief, I believe everything the Iranians say. If they say they will take out Israel, they mean it, and are prepared to do it.

So, let’s think a moment about who, and whose countries, would be at risk here. The majority (soon, the entire population) of Syrians are one flavor or another of Muslim. Sunni, Shia, Alawite,… All Muslim. These are the people whose co-religionists gladly strap explosive vests on their children, and send them to die in order to murder their Jewish and Christian (and Muslim) neighbors. It makes me think that Muslims don’t have a very high respect for human life, if they’re willing to blow up their own children. Can anyone think of even one good thing the Syrians, either as a people, or as individuals, have done to improve the world in, say, the last 1,000 years?….I can’t either. The only valuable items in Syria these days are ancient ruins. Ruins of the beginnings of modern civilization. How the mighty have fallen.

The Israelis, however, are the antithesis of destruction. They took their original homeland, given to them by God 4,000 years ago, and made the desert bloom, in a mere 60 years. They made gardens and fields blossom with fruits, vegetables, and grains. They hewed the native stone of Jerusalem, and made their city grow and prosper. They welcomed their Arab brethren to live and work in their Israeli cities, and there are thriving Arab districts in most cities. And they have made their economy grow and prosper, starting and growing their own technology, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries into the best in class in the world. Their archaeologists continue to dig in desert and city alike, bringing forth new evidence of their ancient civilization. Israel sprouts musicians like citrus fruit, sending orchestral and chamber musicians around the world to perform.

To my mind, Obama should not bomb Syria, if it would mean the destruction of Israel. The Syrians come up badly wanting, and the Israelis are much more valuable to preserve. Too bad Obama is a Muslim-sympathizer. His sympathies are misplaced.

What’s The Matter with India?

In India, Toilet Paper Becomes More Valuable Than the Rupee

Take a gander at this headline from 24/7 Wall Street.  www.247wallst.com

He gets it partly right, but doesn’t go far enough.   Since its independence, India has been a socialist, or socialist-leaning country.  Even when they tried to ditch some of the socialist features of their economy, they could not.  They spawned world-spanning companies in areas as far apart as information technology (Wipro, Tata Consulting) and steel (Tata Steel).  But they continue to have a largely command-and-control, centrally-planned economy.  They have huge numbers of poor peasants, plowing their tiny farm fields behind oxen, and living in city slums picking garbage.  The only thing that can save India is adoption of a true market economy.  Is that likely?  Not at this stage.  You have to feel sorry for all their wasted human capital. 

Learning at the Seat of the Master

Ms. Samantha Power, Barack Obama’s new ambassador to the UN is demonstrating her attention to detail, learning from her boss.  At this week’s emergency meeting of the Security Council about the situation in Syria, the ambassador was absent.  It seems she was in Ireland, on vacation.  Gee, she takes instruction well, doesn’t she?  When the going gets tough, go on vacation!! (oh, by the way, probably ON YOUR DIME).

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

Here are three items from the local and national news:

1. The traffic report on our local conservative talk-radio station is now sponsored by…..get this……Al Jazeera News! So, along with your morning and evening drive-time Talk Radio from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Medved, you now hear plugs from Jihad Central. The more you hear about them, the more they hope you will see them as legitimate. Hmmmm….

2. More ominously, the State Attorney General has issued an opinion that any hospital that offers maternity services must also offer abortion services. This is in response to the local Catholic hospital chain merging with other local hospitals (not Catholic) So now religious institutions who run their health-care branches according to their own religious principles, will be persecuted by the State Government if they try to run their hospitals following their religious precepts. Do you really think the Catholic hospital system will give up maternity services? I foresee a battle royal over this issue.

3. Bradley Manning, recently convicted of egregious crimes of releasing classified government documents to an organization whose reason for being is bringing down the US Government, and sentenced to 35 years in prison for his crimes, has declared that he is NOT a Male, but a Female (Chelsea!), and wishes to begin hormone therapy immediately, to convert from Male to Female. ON YOUR DIME!! Do you really want to pay for his sex-conversion therapy while he is in Federal Prison?? [with apologies to Rush Limbaugh, do you want to pay for Bradley Manning’s “chopadickoffamy” operation??]