About George Zimmerman, and the predatory media

Mr.Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY of second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin. Well, the predatory media, and their buddies the race-hustlers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (who do not deserve the title of Reverend any longer), and their buddies in the US Justice (??) Department and the White House were not satisfied with that verdict. They are going to do their best to ensure that the INNOCENT George Zimmerman will not have a day of peace for the rest of his life. I predict that they and the rest of the nation’s black racists will keep the story front and center, keep rioting, destroy random property (see the stories coming out of Oakland, CA, on the other side of the country!), and file totally unjustified “civil rights” complaints and lawsuits, no matter the total lack of evidence. It is in their interest to cultivate the prejudice of black people against white people, in spite of the fact that we elected a black president! It’s in their interest to keep the black community’s attention focused away from their own violent communities, where black children are gunned down on a daily basis by their fellow blacks.

Here’s what the editors at National Review had to say today:

Eric Holder’s Cynical Threat

I feel very sorry for George Zimmerman, because as long as Barack Hussein Obama occupies the White House, and Eric Holder is Attorney General, they and their media enablers will be gunning (literally) for him. It would not surprise me if, eventually, he committed suicide. Just try to imagine living like that, always looking over your shoulder, afraid that a New Black Panther will shoot at you, or a sleazy, muck-raking, sorry excuse for a “journalist”, will publish lies about you on a daily basis. He surely does not deserve that.

And here’s a heartfelt sentiment from my hero at Ricochet.com, Dave Carter:

 Open Season?

Amateur musicians needed for all-comers orchestra in Everett, WA

Hey, all you adult amateurs with the old instrument in the closet-get it out and come play with the Music Hall Community Orchestra. No auditions, everyone welcome! We rehearse on Tuesdays from 6-8PM in the OLD theater in the Everett Mall (take a left when coming out the south door of Macy’s into the mall). The orchestra is sponsored by the Snohomish County Music Project, and we have access to the Everett Symphony music library.  In the past, we have played music from the Harry Potter movies, music from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, Handel’s Water Music, and much more.  It’s all great fun, so come and play with us!  We will be doing some reading sessions this summer, and we need everyone! We need all winds, brass, and strings. Please reply to this post if you are interested.

The Reason for the Season-Independence Day

237 years ago, on July 4, perhaps the most remarkable group of people ever assembled in service to a Noble Idea, declared their Independence from Tyranny, in perhaps the most important document in American History. Herewith, find a reminder of the Roots of American Exceptionalism.

The Declaration of Independence    The link is to the Heritage Foundation’s First Principles program.

We who are privileged to live in this Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth (thanks to Michael Medved), should never forget the Founders, and the Liberty they bequeathed us.



Something for you J.S. Bach Fans

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What Would You Think About an Organization That Did This?


2013, Havana, Cuba
Cuba 2013 Trip Full Itinerary
********* Reservation Form
Registration is now open. Among the highlights planned:
View the National Museum of Fine Arts
Visit the Pro Danza School of Ballet and Cuba’s leading music school, the Instituto Superior de Arte
Tour the National Botanical garden
Travel to nearby Cojímar, the small village that inspired Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, as well as visit Hemingway’s Cuban home, Finca Vigía
Tour the country side and plantations
Private tours of several artist studios
Meet local students on this “people to people” trip
Stay at the historic Hotel Nacional


Day 1 –
Arrival into Miami. Airport transfers are available to the hotel (additional cost).
8:00 PM | Meet your SCMS host in our meeting room and enjoy one night’s accommodations in Miami, FL.

Day 2 –
Depart to the airport for our charter flight from Miami to Havana, Cuba. Flight times are released one month prior to departure. Your airline tickets and Cuban visas will be given to you when you check-in for your flight.
Once cleared through customs, you will be met by your Cuban National guide who will assist with the transfer to Old Havana where you will have lunch in a local cafe and go on a stroll through the streets of Old Havana. You’ll check into the historic 1930′s Nacional Hotel located on the seafront.

Day 3 –
Early morning is free.
We’ll visit the Havana country club to learn about the history of Cuban dance and music. Multiple instructors will talk about, and demonstrate, local dance. You’ll have the opportunity to learn some of these dances with the instructors.
After lunch, we’ll visit Cuba’s National Art School where, under the newly created “people to people” program, we have the chance to meet with local artists.

Day 4 –
After breakfast, a trip to the Pro Danza Ballet School is planned. Still regarded as one of the finest performance groups, this school has taught a fusion of classical ballet with more traditional Cuban dancing. We will enjoy a private rehearsal with their dancers, followed by a conversation on the ideas of ballet and music with the director and students of the company.
After a multi-course lunch of Cuban specialties, we’ll visit the historic Cemetery of Colon to look at that beautifully sculpted tombstones, mausoleums, and chapels.
Our day will end with the “marriage of rum and cigars” at the historic palace of the artists. A musical performance will be requested for this evening.

Day 5 –
Traveling under the “people to people” license, we visit a local school where we meet Cuban students, teachers and school administrators at an elementary school. We will discuss the education system and how it differs from that of the United States. Afterward, we will depart for the “Cabildo Quisicuaba Socio-cultural Project.” The aim of this project is to rehabilitate traditional folk culture of Cuba. We will visit a Santeria home where we’ll learn how local customs fused several types of religions and traditions to make a uniquely Cuban culture. We’ll also attend a neighborhood Rumba performance.
Our day culminates with a visit to the home studio of famed Cuban artist, Jose Fuster, often called the “Picasso of the Caribbean.” His ceramic and paintings are part of the community that he lives in, where he often gives away his creations to neighbors. You may be able to purchase his art directly from him on your visit.

Day 6 –
After breakfast, travel to Las Terrazas and visit the lush countryside planted with a variety of crops. This region still uses horse and carts to transport goods to markets. This region is part of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve. We will visit a quaint village that overlooks a quiet lake and visit the home of deceased song writer and musician Polo Montanez.
After a hearty farmers lunch we return to Havana, where we will hear a private concert and speak to students about the origins of choral music in Havana.

Day 7 –
We head to Finca Vigía (Lookout Farm) where Ernest Hemingway spent 21 years of his most productive years. We’ll also stop at Cojímar, the small coastal fishing village northeast of Havana where Hemingway kept his boat while living in Cuba. This small town served as the inspiration for his book The Old Man and the Sea. Lunch will be served in one of Hemingway’s favorite Havana haunts.
After lunch, we’ll have two tours offered. You can choose to visit the Museum of the Revolution or the Museum of Fine Arts. Both tours will have a private guide to highlight the exhibits.
We will have a gala dinner our final evening in a private home restaurant. A private performance by a local group will take place as we bid farewell to Cuba.

Day 8 –
We transfer to Havana’s airport and check in to our charted flight to Miami.
-Itinerary Subject to Change-

Or would you think that it would be supporting a BRUTAL DICTATORSHIP? The regime in Cuba has held power since 1956, and in that time they have stationed Soviet missiles targeting the USA; murdered, tortured and imprisoned their own people, including artists, musicians, and journalists; harassed and injured the relatives of the imprisoned; permitted some dissidents to “escape” into exile, but without their spouses and children; and inspired such admirable events as the Mariel Boat Lift.


And how would YOU feel, eating that “hearty farmer’s breakfast”, knowing that just behind the Potemkin Village that you see, there are starving Cubans. And why do you think they still use horses and carts to transport their agricultural products? Because they are NOT ALLOWED trucks! The Cubans are kept so poor by their government that they cannot buy many of the basic things you take for granted, and their standard of living has been reduced to abject poverty. Could you tour the sights in Cuba, knowing that at any time the Castro regime could decide that YOU were persona non grata and prevent you from leaving? Or they could arrange to have you robbed of your valuable dollars and sent home without all the nice things you brought with you?

Read these articles:



So think about it. Would you go on this tour?