Shame, Shame, Shame from Institutions this week

How low can you go?  In two separate incidents this week, institutions of higher learning and technology, BOTH of whom purport to support the values of Inclusiveness, and Tolerance, and Free Speech and expression; brought shame and ridicule upon themselves.  It never ceases to amaze me how Liberal institutions can engage in despicable behavior, treating their own employees and honorees like scum, in the name of “Values”.

So what kind of Values are demonstrated by a well-respected tech institution, Mozilla, demanding the resignation of their newly-appointed CEO for contributions he made SIX YEARS AGO to the campaign in California for Proposition 8 (a constitutional amendment defining Marriage as between One Man and One Woman).  Brendan Eich is a hero, and his firing after only two weeks as CEO, was a disgusting display of backwardness.


So what kind of Values are demonstrated by a well-respected institution of higher learning, Brandeis University, who dis-awards an honorary degree to a genuine Heroine, for “statements” she made?  Brandeis is a Jewish-oriented University, whose values supposedly include academic freedom, free speech, and openness to all religions and points of view (which has not been true of most such institutions for 50 years).  Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a genuine heroine to all women, and a true fighter for Liberty.  The Faculty, Students, and Staff of Brandeis have brought shame on themselves for their disgusting actions.

It makes me sad and angry that the Libs who run so much of our country have behaved in such awful ways.  A business and a University have demonstrated the destructive influence of Political Correctness on our society.  This will take a lot of “cleaning up”.

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