The Banality of Evil…Meet CNN’s Carol Costello

Remember the standard Liberal diatribe against “Violence against women”?  The Web sites and numerous articles everywhere speaking out against domestic violence, and legislation introduced in legislatures everywhere making violence against women especially punishable?

Of course, that only applies to LIBERAL women.  This disgusting video shows a nationally-famous CNN Anchor taking pleasure and glee in hearing audio of Ms. Bristol Palin (yes, daughter of Sarah Palin) describing her rough treatment at the hands of a strange man while she was trying to protect her little sister.  These liberal banshee women, just love to denigrate Sarah Palin and her entire family, in front of everyone, on national TV.  The many cited expletives in this video are Bristol Palin’s description of the words of the man who violently dragged her across the pavement and grass.  Those are NOT her words!  But the evil, small-minded sorry excuse for an “info-babe”, Carol Costello, just revels in the nasty language and violence, when directed against a woman whose mother she hates.

And then, Costello “apologizes” for her despicable behavior.  Just like a liberal.  They can say or do anything they want, against someone with whom they disagree, and get off scot-free.  You will not see any mainstream media organization speak out against her behavior.  Let me know if you see even one editorial in the NY Times (Pravda-on-the Hudson), Washington Post, or any other media, decrying Costello’s behavior.


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