I heard it’s National Cat Day

I’m a cat person, so here are a few selections from my trove of cat pictures.

Kikyo, undignified

The picture above is my current “owner”, Kikyo, in the most undignified pose.

Milhaud in sheets

The picture above is my previous cat, Milhaud (pronounced “mee-yo, named after French composer Darius Milhaud because it sounds like meow).  She was about 17 years old when this picture was taken.  Yeah, I have a thing for black cats!  Kikyo is my third black cat!


This picture is misleading, as you can’t see that Kikyo is on a 10-foot-high plant shelf, just under our ceiling.  She leaps a 3-foot gap onto the top of the front closet to get there. Her buddy is a vase I got at an arts fair.  This pose is priceless!

Snow Leopard

This is my favorite big cat, a snow leopard.  On Pottermore, my Patronus is a snow leopard, and my Hufflepuff nickname is Spotted.cat.

And for new followers and viewers, here’s the link to my video of Kikyo just after we brought her home:

Happy Cat Day to All!  May you be owned by a cat always.

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