Why does the WordPress “Get out the Vote” campaign make me nervous?

When I logged into my Dashboard on Calling-All-RushBabes this morning, I was presented with a huge logo where my stats usually appear.  It said “WordPress.com Voting Information Project”.  As anyone who visits this blog can see, the author is Conservative with a Capital C.  My antennae sense something behind the  GOTV campaign that communicates …..liberal…  Maybe it’s my imagination..or maybe it’s the sense that I have been getting for a while now that the folks at Automatttic who run WordPress are basically young, uninformed liberals (the ones who assumed that the “gentle giant” Michael Brown in Ferguson , MO., was gunned down while surrendering to the big, bad cop).  Well, my feelers sense that they and I will be voting for a different slate of candidates next week.  Take a look at this story about Votes being Altered and watch your back.

And I urge my well-informed, productive citizen followers to vote next week.  Make sure to vote for candidates who believe in American Exceptionalism, and Individual Responsibility, NOT dependence on government.  Vote for candidates who believe in the sanctity of Life, Liberty, and Private Property in the Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth.  Vote for candidates who value secure borders, and Peace Through Strength.  Be very careful that your vote counts!

2 thoughts on “Why does the WordPress “Get out the Vote” campaign make me nervous?

  1. I think it seems liberal because so many of the folks are rather idealistically earnest about everyone voting, if they’ve bothered to be informed and/or care or not.

    It’s a democracy thing, rather than a republic thing, and the idea of responsibility to vote WELL if you’re doing it isn’t mentioned.

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