5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Forces of Nature

  1. That is a massive storm cloud. It look so angry and menacing. I bet it dumped a lot of water down not long after you took this shot. Brilliant capture, love it 🙂

  2. Bob Butler

    Love your politics, and your cogent writing about various political issues that most liberalisti don’t understand, or choose not to understand. We are certainly a minority around here, and in musical circles. I have learned to button my lip and suffer in silence during some rehearsals, for the sake of friendships and the pleasure of making music together (as you and I have). On the other hand, I won’t shrink from speaking up when the talk gets out of hand.

    I also believe in Israel as our only true ally in that dangerous part of the world, and look forward to the end of our current administration, with the hope that we can restore our relationship with a people who truly understand today’s threats.

  3. Le contexte pour ma note au dessus n’a pas été imprimé. Voici la citation: « Quant aux fruits et légumes qui sentent bon, tels que la pomme, le coing, la menthe, il est permis au mohrm d’en manger, mais la précaution commande qu’il s’abstienne d’en sentir le parfum en les masqonant.&nbnp;&rague;

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