Making the most of time spent in the dentist’s chair

I’ve had a bunch of dental work done lately.  I tried something new, to make the time go faster.  I don’t know about you, but when the dentist or hygienist is working on me, I close my eyes.  I decided to start paying attention to what I see behind my closed lids.  First of all, in a light room, if you look you can see the blood vessels of your retina reflected on your eyelids.  I watch the blood vessels, and try to follow their curving paths.  I have a lot of “floaters” in my eyes, and with my eyes closed, I try to see what they do when I move my eyes in different directions.

You know how when you look at a bright light, or maybe a camera flash, you see bright images even when you close your eyes?  When in the dentist chair, if I look at the bright light over my head, then close my eyes, I can count the seconds until that bright image disappears.  Actually, it lasts a few seconds, then “winks out”.  Instead of fading out, it simply disappears.

Next time you’re in the dentist’s chair, try paying attention to what’s behind your closed eyelids.  Maybe you’ll see something interesting or unexpected.  In any case, in no time at all, the dentist will be done, and you’ll forget how much time has passed.

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