Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

This is the sanctuary at St. Joseph’s Polish Catholic Church in Camden, New Jersey, during their 120th Anniversary celebration in 2012.  The priest is Polish, and there is a Polish-language Mass daily.  My husband grew up not far from here, and went to this church, and graduated from the parochial high school here (now defunct).  Pretty ornate.

St. Joseph Polish Catholic Church, Camden, NJ
St. Joseph Polish Catholic Church, Camden, NJ


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

  1. Hubby owns the over 100-year-old family homestead in Camden, where his brother still lives. Much of the housing stock in Camden has been allowed to deteriorate, and it’s a shame to let those roomy row-houses get trashed (his neighborhood has a significant number of vacant houses and empty lots-sort of like Detroit). It’s a veritable miracle that the church has remained untouched, but its parishioners are very proud of it, and they dig deep into their pockets to keep it maintained and improved. All of hubby’s HS classmates have moved out of town-not one still lives in Camden. But they got a big turnout to their 25-year class reunion which we attended back in 2001.

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