Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

This week’s challenge photo shows a lady who had to be VERY careful in order to get where she is shown.  She has carefully climbed a rock spire at Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado.  You can see her elation at having achieved her goal.

Rock climber's elation
Rock climber’s elation

However, this week’s photo also requires another, to show from a distance how far she had to climb to get where she is.

Spire, Garden of the Gods
Spire, Garden of the Gods


Blue State Ballot Blues


I live in Snohomish County, Washington, north of Seattle. Yesterday I received my election ballot in the mail, since we have all-mail voting in our state. We have races for County Council, County Executive, and various other lower-level offices (City Councils, Assessor, Treasurer, Clerk, Sheriff…). The State of Washington also has “top-two” primaries, where the top two vote-getters make it through to the general election. For the first time, and much to my chagrin, I discovered that both candidates for County Executive and County Council are Democrats. I also noted that, of the 12 down-ballot office candidates, six are unopposed! Now, I generally make a practice of not casting a vote for any unopposed candidate (why would they need my vote anyway?). I also never cast my vote for any Democrat. So where does this leave me? Of the 14 races with any candidates, I will only cast my vote in six races.

To add insult to injury, I remembered receiving an email from the top Republican county official in my legislative district, noting that they were looking for people to doorbell for County Council Candidate X, “Canvassing this Saturday for G. T. October 17th 9 am to 11:30AM Campaigning to elect G. T. 2nd District Snohomish County Council. G. is the moderate candidate for this position.” So our Snohomish County Republicans have been reduced to doorbelling for Democrats! Here in Western Washington, which is generally run from the deep-blue Seattle area, the Republicans have been unable to field candidates against the local Dems. I guess we do get the government we let the other party elect.

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