Over the Cascade Mountains

Hubby and I had the entire week between Christmas and New Years off work.  On Wednesday, we got in the car and drove over the Cascade Mountains to Leavenworth.  Here are a couple of pictures I took from inside the moving car.



Stevens Pass Ski Area.  On our way back in the evening, there was night skiing, with the slopes all lit up.

2 thoughts on “Over the Cascade Mountains

  1. Did you hit our unseasonable cold, too? It was January cold for at least the first half of December, but I can’t remember when it “warmed up” to being normal snowing weather…. (up to the 20s)

  2. We have Minnesota Winter here this week. Low of 28, high of 36, and sunny. I liked the Minnesota winter weather, because even if it was bitter cold, the sun shone over the white snow. They opened all the golf courses for cross-country skiing too.

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