Photo Challenge……Transient

If a huge thundercloud isn’t transient, nothing is.  We outran this one in Iowa in the summer of 2010, on our way to Hillsdale College in Michigan.  It nearly caught us when we stopped for lunch, but we  got to our destination before the storm broke.

Storm nearly behind
Outrunning thunderstorm in Iowa

I took this picture through the front windshield of the car while it was driving down the highway.  Honestly, it felt like we were being pursued by the Devil.  Maybe we were.

5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge……Transient

  1. sirpercival01

    People don’t believe me when I talk about Midwest weather. I have seen storm fronts like that rolling in all my life.

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    1. Cool! My husband and I are Hillsdale President’s Club members, and we go to National Leadership Seminars every year. Last summer, we went on the Hillsdale Cruise to Alaska. You might have seen my writeup here.

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