Satisfaction…Human Ingenuity

I am always impressed with the products of human ingenuity, many of which were designed and built thousands of years ago, and still remain for us to marvel at.  Every time I drive down a mountain road, I can’t help thinking of all the engineering and labor that went into that road.  When I look at a tall building, or a huge containership, my mind says “human ingenuity”.  Some may think that other animals are as smart as we humans are, but when did any animal build something like these?


VietNam Memorial

BC Ferry, making its way through the Gulf Islands
Curtis Organ
Pipe Organ in recital hall at Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.


6 thoughts on “Satisfaction…Human Ingenuity

  1. The more time I spend around my kids, the more I think that animal behavior scientists REALLY need to spend time around human children that are allowed to be kids.

    Not to mention have actual exposure to animals… the shock with which they greeted the idea that birds can identify a bigger pile of feed, adn go to it if the distance is the same as with a smaller pile, is really mock-worthy.

  2. I love this!! I promise. When my hubby and I are traveling, as we do so much now that he’s retired – I’m always blown away by what mankind has created and how good our lives are because of human ingenuity.

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