A New Photo Challenge: Layered

Hubby and I spent the week after Labor Day in Bigfork, Montana, at a Ricochet meet up that had been planned for over a year.  There was no way we could have predicted that most of Washington, Idaho, and Montana would be shrouded in smoke from multiple wildfires in Eastern Washington and Montana.  When we were loading up our car, there was actually ash on the car!  And we were in that smoky environment all the way from Everett to Bigfork!  We literally did not see the sky for nearly a week.  However, all that smoke did create a very layered view.

This is the view from the back deck of the house we were renting for the week.  This is the shore of Flathead Lake, and there are actually trees, mountains, and a lake out there!

IMG_2048 (1)

A little closer to us was a large Ponderosa Pine tree.  I have always been fascinated by the thick, multi-layered bark of these trees.  That bark, with all its layers is sometimes over two inches thick.   And its color is beautiful, too.  Its thick bark protects it from fire.

Ponderosa Pine tree
Ponderosa pine tree, Bigfork ,MT


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