What Happened…(NOT Hillary the Harpy’s book, and no blame!)

The week after Labor Day, Hubby and I drove to Montana for a Ricochet Meetup, attended by members from as far away as New York City. You can read my three-part trip report on the Ricochet Main Feed Here:




We returned to Everett the following Tuesday, and it was back to work on Wednesday.  I expected that when I got back to work I would have a brimming mailbox, and probably stacks of invoice issues and towers of kits ready to go out for assembly.  I had about 160 emails, but that was about all.  What I definitely did not expect, was to find out that while I was gone, my boss had given his notice, and the Friday would be his last day at the company.

I was devastated.  I had worked directly for him since November of 2014 (before that, I sort of worked for two groups and bosses, Production Control and Purchasing, and attended staff meetings for both groups; the Production Control supervisor had told me that he had too many direct reports, and was transferring me to the Purchasing department full time).  Since I knew that the Production Control supervisor had never really liked or appreciated me, that transfer was exactly what I had wanted to happen, and I was dancing around inside with joy.  When I went to the first Purchasing staff meeting after I was transferred, the manager told the entire group about it.  I just glowed, when everyone in the room clapped and cheered, and said how happy they were to have me as a full member of their group.

From the very first, I had a great relationship with my boss.  He was English, and I have always been a sucker for an English accent.  I knew that he appreciated all the work I did, and understood that I was doing work that wasn’t strictly in my job description.  One of the things that he required of all the buyers was a “weekly report”, describing all the projects we were working on, and any problems we might have been having.  I felt really a part of the group by writing that report every week.  And I knew that he read them all, since he would make a point of discussing issues with me soon after.

Every year, my husband and I have a holiday open house, where we make chili and invite our friends and coworkers over to share some cheer.  I invited my boss that first year, and I was totally blown away when he, his wife, and his son showed up!  They stayed for a while, and we had some excellent conversation.  They came the next year, too.

In 2015, our company went through a huge factory remodel, and for over a week the whole place was a construction zone.  We all had to come to work every day, and help out where we could, all decked out in our hard hats, safety vests, and steel-toed shoe covers.  The first morning, there was an “all-hands” meeting in an open area, where everybody stood around, waited for their department people to show up, and admire all the safety gear.  I walked in, and my boss happened to be standing right in the middle.  When he saw me, he beckoned me over, and gave me a hug.  Well, I just grinned like the Cheshire Cat, and he had made my day.

I’ve worked for a lot of people in my long working life, and I have to say that this boss was the best, most supportive person I’ve ever worked for.  He backed me up any time there was some conflict, and he would always sign my purchase orders that were over my dollar signature authority.  He really appreciated all the work I was taking off the senior buyers, which is more than I can say for my previous boss.

He’s been gone for three weeks now, and I really miss him a lot.  For now, our department lacks a supervisor, and the person who is supposed to be taking over has lots of loose ends to tie up at his current employer (a sister company in another state).  Going to work isn’t much fun any more, and employee morale in general is pretty bad.  Everyone in our department misses our old boss.  But we can all say that we loved working for him-I’m not the only one.

So that’s what happened.  Life goes on, and we retain our pleasant memories.

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