Seen through a window…at 60 miles per hour!

I have gotten pretty good at taking photos from the passenger-side windows of our car.  On our way to Montana and back, I shot these photos from the moving vehicle-I really wanted my friends to see what the air quality was, as a result of the wildfires in Montana and Eastern Washington.


This was just east of Spokane, on Interstate 90.


This was what we could see of Lake Coeur D’Alene.  Lake?  What lake?

On our way home, the air had cleared up a great deal.  These photos are my favorite basalt cliffs of the Columbia Gorge, on the east bank of the river, just outside East Wenatchee, Washington.

Basalt cliffs, Columbia Gorge

See the green at the base of this photo?  Those are vineyards.  Many orchardists around Wenatchee, the apple capital of the world, are pulling up their orchards and planting wine grapes.


6 thoughts on “Seen through a window…at 60 miles per hour!

  1. From our home in Everett, all the way to Bigfork, Montana, the air was filled with smoke. We didn’t see the sky until three days after arriving in Montana. It was very depressing, and we all cheered on Saturday as the smoke cleared and we could actually see blue sky. This all happened from the Tuesday after Labor Day, through the following weekend. My three-part trip report is now available on the Main Feed at Title is “We Met ’em in Montana”.

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  4. Heh, I recognized all three locations before I read the labels.

    My poor folks have a few “little” fires around them– the smoke is a constant drag on the system. Went from being a “fires just occasionally” to “every summer is mostly smoke.”

  5. People had to give up a bunch of weekend activities, like hiking and visiting Glacier National Park, which was partially closed. However, the best activities were getting together, and nobody missed those! Randy’s video is posted on the Main Feed-check it out.

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