Peek at some architecture-Photo Challenge

Castle Rising, detail
Castle Rising wall. Note the overlapping barrel arches-they make a pointed arch.

This piece of building, obviously in ruins now, was the beginning of a breakthrough that formed the beginnings of Gothic architecture.  Want to see the rest of this very old building?

Castle Rising
Castle Rising

Here it is.  You can see the tracery wall in the middle front of the medieval castle.  A peek into history.

3 thoughts on “Peek at some architecture-Photo Challenge

  1. Wow… on one hand, that’s a lot of stone; on the other, from the size of the people, I’ve seen houses bigger than that.

    *grateful for her relatively huge house*

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  3. I would have loved to see Castle Rising when it was new and all the stones were in place. It was built by an English nobleman in the early 1100s as a gift to his wife. There are more pictures of the outside and inside of the castle in my post on my Cambridge trip.

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