Sunset…An End, and a Beginning

The evening of the first day of our cruise to Alaska aboard the Crystal Serenity was beautiful, and clear.  The ship left Vancouver BC just as the sun was setting.  We stood at the rail of the Promenade Deck and watched for long minutes, as the sun set over the channel.  We knew when we awoke the next morning, we’d be close to the waters off Alaska.  End of the day, beginning of an adventure.



5 thoughts on “Sunset…An End, and a Beginning

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  2. Didn’t know they started cruse’s this early but no matter you will see some truly amazing sights… cherish them and hold on to them for when you return to civilization.

  3. This cruise was the summer of 2016. I did a big post on this cruise, so you can check it out here. This summer, we will be going to Hawaii (round trip from San Francisco) with the same cruise line, with Hillsdale College. Watch this space for a post sometime in late summer.

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