NOT the Weekly Photo Challenge: Clouds

Boy, do I miss those WordPress Weekly Photo Challenges.  It was wonderful to have at least one day of each week where you had a reason to do a post on your blog.  And it was great motivation to visit other WordPress bloggers’ sites to see what they were up to.  I got many followers from posts I did for a photo challenge.

One of my favorite photographic subjects has always been clouds, and whenever I am outside with my camera, I try to look up and find interesting cloud formations to capture.  Herewith, a bunch of  my favorite cloud pictures, from locations near and far.  Commenters are encouraged to post their own clouds in the comments.

Clouds over Kitsap

Ominous rain clouds over Puget Sound.


These look like rows of cotton balls.  Over the Mill Creek Golf Course.

Clouds-Pike’s Peak
Racing the thunderstorm
Racing the thunderstorm, Iowa 2010
Above the clouds
Above the Clouds at 30,000 feet

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