See what you’re missing about the world around you. Look up!

When you are walking around your town, or around your city, or around your workplace, many of the people you see walking toward you are either facing straight ahead, walking with purpose to somewhere in particular, probably in a hurry; or walking while staring at the tiny screen of their smartphone (many with earbuds in their ears listening to music), which is dangerous!  Is this you?  Maybe, it’s time to slow down a bit, stow the smartphone in your pocket or your bag, and see some of your surroundings, perhaps for the first time.  Look up!  You may be surprised at what beauty you may be missing.

Winter tree 2

That’s just a leafless tree in winter, but it is beautiful against the blue sky.

back yard trees in snow

That is the trees in my back yard, under winter snow, but it’s a whole new view pointing the camera up at the sky.


How many New Yorkers walk 43rd Street every day, heads down, missing the beautiful Chrysler Building?


How many Seattleites walk right through the doors of this Art-Nouveau building and never notice the beautiful terra-cotta brickwork right over their heads?  I’m guessing many.

Cambridge-Trinity Hall
Dining Room at Trinity Hall College, where we stayed.

I always thought that the most beautiful feature of the Dining Hall at Trinity Hall was the beamed ceiling.

Ceiling detail, Blytheborough, beautiful angels

This ceiling has details that you have to look very closely to see, but the rewards are great.


This is a simple ladder, attached to the side of the building where I work.  Looking up, and against the blue sky, it’s art!

So the next time you’re out and about, improve your situational awareness and look up!  You may discover beauty that has been just over your head all the time.

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