Grocery Shopping used to be fun for me.

It no longer is, due to the advance of the Bag Scolds.  You used to be able to go to the grocery store, get your cart or basket on the way in, and put your purchases in there.  Then, when you got to the checkout line, you placed your items on the movable belt to be scanned by the checker, and bagged by a high-school student in either “paper or plastic”, according to your wishes.

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.  The Progressive Scolds have, in their infinite (un) wisdom, and in the interests of “Saving the Planet”, or “reducing waste”, banned disposable bags.  They initiated the ban on plastic bags, due to their belief that plastic bags invariably end up in the Sacred Oceans as evil Pollution. [just in case anyone wants to know, the US is one of the least polluting sources, far behind the countries of Southeast Asia, and mostly China, which is the largest source of junk in the world’s oceans].  In my town, not only has the City Council BANNED single-use plastic bags, but they have MANDATED a special FEE that grocery stores MUST charge for Paper Bags, too.  All in the interest of making citizens bring their own, reusable bags whenever they go to the grocery store to shop. [as another side note, those reusable bags are proven to harbor all kinds of harmful bacteria and viruses. You do what they say, and you get sick!]

Now, when I reach the self-checkout in my local store, I get out my reusable bag, tap the “I brought my own bag” button on the screen, and put it down in the “bagging area” to receive my purchases.  However, when I do that, a whiny voice of the computer says “Unexpected item in the Bagging Area! Please remove item from the bagging area!”, not remembering that I already told the stupid thing that I Brought My Own Bag! I proceed to scan my own items, and put them in My Own Reusable Bag. When finished, I tap the “Finish and Pay” button.  But no, I still have to answer the  question “How many bags did you use?”, in order that they may CHARGE ME THE BAG FEE.  I have to tap the ZERO button three times before it finally spits out my receipt so I can take my groceries home.

Yes, grocery shopping in a store with zillions of colorful, nutritious items and multifarious choices used to be fun for me.  I have always liked grocery stores.  No more, since it is now simply a chore, being nagged six ways from Sunday to bring my reusable bags.   By the way, NO plastic bag is single-use in my house.  Every one is eventually used as a trash bag, to take out the trash from the second floor of our house (hubby does the downstairs, I do the upstairs every week).  It makes me very angry that those who know better than I, are determined to change my behavior.  Well, they have.  I will never vote for any of them again in future elections.

I WANT MY PLASTIC BAGS BACK! And I have bought 500 single-use “white t-shirt bags”, to use at those grocery stores in my town that have banned single-use bags.  You ban them?  I bring my own!

You have GOT to be kidding! Nope, it’s Seattle

Further insanity from the People’s Republic of Seattle.

First, we have the Seattle Public Schools considering a “Social Justice Math” curriculum requirement.  Yes, that’s a Mandate that K-12 teachers in the Seattle Public Schools teach Math with a Social Justice slant.  (I urge my readers to click on that article-it will make you want to scream). All the way through from elementary to high school.  This would be laughable, if it weren’t so dangerous.  [A big Hat Tip to the Washington Free Beacon which published this article] The poor children of Seattle have been indoctrinated with Progressive ideology for 40 years now, and you can see it in the horrible test scores and shrinking graduation rates.  Seattle students have been indoctrinated with White Privilege garbage for years, and now they want to teach Progressive math.  It’s a wonder any Seattle student can get a job at all, with their useless “knowledge” curricula.  This is going to make it even worse.  And the Radical Environmentalism taught in what pass for Seattle schools, is having another effect.

That would be the new Heating Oil Tax due to take effect next summer.  Those in Seattle with old heating-oil tanks (probably many in older, sometimes historic, homes, which abound in the city), will be forced to dig them up, dispose of them, and buy a new furnace that uses another source of energy.  That is many thousands of dollars’ worth of work needed, even before factoring in the high cost of a new furnace!  And I can just see it now, the five companies in the area who specialize in this kind of work will be booked solid for years, thus denying many families the ability to get the work done, even if they can afford it!

“Tax increases on fuel, such as Seattle’s tax, penalizes families and households who can ill afford the latest and greatest efficient home heating systems,” Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy” told the news organization.  The city says the poor will be subsidized for this work, meaning those who are not quite poor will be paying for their neighbors to get new furnaces, while also shelling out the big bucks for their own new furnace and oil-tank disposal.

And Mayor Jenny Durkan will just go on, in her nice little enclave, totally unaware of how the citizens of her city are being buried in costs that just pile up higher and higher with each Environmental Wacko mandate.

I find this thoroughly disgusting, and just two more reasons to stay the hell out of Seattle.




Stand with, and support the Brave Hong Kongers demonstrating, at much personal risk, in the streets of their City, for months now.  Every demonstrator is taking his or her life in their hands to do this.  Would we have such courage if we were faced with the Heavy Hand of the Chinese Communist Party?

We here in the United States of America should count our blessings, and do our best to ensure that the Democrat Party does not secure absolute power again.  If they do, this might be necessary for us.

Not My Idea of Freedom


This ad appeared in one of the emails I get from a conservative Web site.  My readers know I’m intending upon never going on the public dole (including Social Security and Medicare).  Freedom?  Medicare is supposed to be Freedom?

To my way of thinking, Medicare brings these conditions with it:

Medical treatment confined to “What Medicare Will Pay For”.

Being denied needed treatment recommended by your physician, because a bureaucrat in Washington D.C deems it “not medically necessary”.

Not being able to see your longtime physician, because he or she does not accept Medicare (doctors who see Medicare patients are not allowed to turn down any patient, thus being denied their freedom).

You become a line item on the Federal Budget, not a human being.

Your doctor having to get permission from the federal bureaucracy before he can treat you.

Nope, not my idea of Freedom.

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc, Seattle?

That phrase is commonly called a fallacy (after this, thus because of this), but you can judge this instance for yourself, with a couple of stories from KOMO-Seattle.

First, there is this story about the low morale at the Seattle Police Department.  In recent years, there has been an increase in low-level street crime, and many cases of neighborhood-dwellers who shout and jeer at police officers while they are trying to do their job.  The incidents in Ferguson, Missouri and the rise of the “Black Lives Matter” movement have led to distrust of the police, and the feeling in some communities that the police do not serve them, but are a threat.  The city government has not dealt well with the rise of homeless and drug-dealing people living in broken-down, unsightly RVs in city neighborhoods, among other things. Some neighborhoods have to hire their own private security, when the City ignores their plight.

Then, there is this story, of how one local company has responded to the conditions above.  Street Crime Forces Environmentally-conscious company to Flee Seattle.  Seattle prides itself on being very “green”, funding companies such as this one, banning those evil plastic bags and plastic straws, and building street-narrowing bike and bus lanes where automobiles are not allowed.

In these cases, Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc is NOT a fallacy, but very true.