Not My Idea of Freedom


This ad appeared in one of the emails I get from a conservative Web site.  My readers know I’m intending upon never going on the public dole (including Social Security and Medicare).  Freedom?  Medicare is supposed to be Freedom?

To my way of thinking, Medicare brings these conditions with it:

Medical treatment confined to “What Medicare Will Pay For”.

Being denied needed treatment recommended by your physician, because a bureaucrat in Washington D.C deems it “not medically necessary”.

Not being able to see your longtime physician, because he or she does not accept Medicare (doctors who see Medicare patients are not allowed to turn down any patient, thus being denied their freedom).

You become a line item on the Federal Budget, not a human being.

Your doctor having to get permission from the federal bureaucracy before he can treat you.

Nope, not my idea of Freedom.

One thought on “Not My Idea of Freedom

  1. kayofmt

    I agree with you 100%, especially since AARP is simply an insurance selling scam. However, it isn’t free. I have paid out thousands of $$$ which you dear people have help me with, as my share of cost. These advantage programs will pay about $50 for an approved service, dismiss the rest of the charges, and leave you to to finish paying for the needed service. In the meantime, The medicare you have paid into for all of your working life is supposed to pay for something. Meantime, they take $150 from your SS income to pay the premium. So, just for the premium I have paid $1,800.

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