Reasons I’m ashamed to live in the People’s Republic of Washington

First, I did not elect the bureaucrats who are doing their best to make it difficult and expensive to live here.  I assuredly did not vote for the DemocRATS who rule this state.

Starting from the top:

The Sleazebag Attorney General of Washington State is suing the Federal Government for having the temerity to enforce Federal Immigration law.  How DARE you arrest illegal aliens at the Courthouse?!  Hey, Ferguson, what part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand?  And this rat is the attorney general!  Well, not MY attorney general.  I do not believe that Federal Immigration Law enforcers are bound by Washington State Sanctuary laws, which are illegal in themselves.

Next, the Seattle Leftists will be holding “impeachment rallies” around Western Washington tomorrow, to show that they despise those of us who Elected President Donald Trump.

And there is an outbreak of “highly-contagious” Hepatitis A going around, spread by the ubiquitous homeless, drug-using population north of Seattle.  When people live in squalid conditions, snorting meth and sharing needles, they spread horrible diseases.  Adding a little “Ewwww” factor to your day.

Then, for those of us who don’t have enough intrusive government in our lives, the state transportation commission is going forward with a plan to tax drivers Per Mile driven, to replace the gas tax.  Yep, the intellectuals who continually urge the population to ditch the gas-guzzlers for more fuel-efficient vehicles (no matter that increasing gas mileage is MANDATED by the federal government) and electric cars, somehow forgot that all those electric and fuel-efficient cars don’t pay as much, or any, gas taxes for road maintenance!  Roads get used as much, but some drivers are free-riders on the rest of us. [well, also remember that our state uses that gas tax revenue not for only road upkeep but for “mass” transit that no one outside Seattle rides].

No, you saps in Washington State are still not paying enough in taxes and fees to support the homeless, EV drivers, drug addicts, diversity coordinators, paid leave-takers, and bureaucrats in Olympia.  On the last election ballot, there were no fewer than ten “additional taxes” the legislature dreamed up to soak the very life out of residents-they had an “advisory vote” to ask us whether we agreed with all those additional taxes.  Well, who cares?  The votes were simply “advisory”, so whether we agreed or not, they don’t have to do what we want!  Why bother?  We are just the taxpayers, and they do not have to care what we want, out here in the suburbs.

I am ashamed to live in Washington State.  Believe me, I did not ask for this.

2 thoughts on “Reasons I’m ashamed to live in the People’s Republic of Washington

  1. Taxes on ammo have driven gun stores out of Seattle, and Tacoma just enacted one. They don’t care about losing all those B&O taxes. No gun stores, no ammo tax income. They simply don’t see it. Hugs to you and the family!

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