I am a White, College-educated, Well-off, Suburban Woman…

And I support our duly-elected President Donald Trump.  All of my classifications above are assumed NOT to support the President.  That segment of society is assumed to be Leftist.  That segment of society is assumed to be pro-abortion.  I don’t fit that mold either. [and I refuse to use the term “pro-choice” either.  I prefer pro-abortion, because that is the correct descriptive term]

As Ayn Rand used to say: Check Your Premises.

I will go out on a limb here, and predict that President Trump will win re-election in November, win the popular vote, and get his second term by a much larger margin than he won his first.

13 thoughts on “I am a White, College-educated, Well-off, Suburban Woman…

      1. *grins* I believe you heard about my interactions with folks I believe DESERVE to be given my honest views upfront….

        (My obnoxious uncle has since become much, much less obnoxious)

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