Are you suffering from this newly-identified syndrome?

Are you increasingly anxious when you venture out to the grocery store, and every other shopper shies away from you?  Do you get heart palpitations watching TV, and hearing about the newest Governmental Covid Decree?  Do you notice a red, itchy rash on the parts of your face covered by the mandatory mask?  Are you chafing under the latest government intrusion on your personal life?

Are you seeing your freedom of movement increasingly circumscribed?  Are you sad, that you can’t see even your extended family?  Are you feeling like it may be time to start taking responsibility for your own life, instead of the government running it?  Are your finances in as bad a shape as they have ever been, due to loss of your job, by government decree?  Are you taking your anxiety out on your spouse?

Well, maybe you are suffering from SILS, or Severe Individual Liberty Syndrome.  And the only known cure for SILS is behavioral. The Cure is Growth of Backbone, and Defiance of Tyranny.  Fellow Sufferers, Take Back Your Lives!  Resist the urge to Rat out your neighbors for not wearing masks.  Invite your neighbors over for drinks!  Become a Free Individual, and Live Your Life as such.

Fellow Sufferers, we cannot let the government and its so-called “experts” determine the course of our lives and the entire US economy.  Embrace your Liberty!  Defy Tyranny!

4 thoughts on “Are you suffering from this newly-identified syndrome?

  1. kayofmt

    Wish I could, however, we have 3 new cases in Flathead Co. and one of them died. So our gov put out a statement: no shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service.

    The young man that has the virus, is in the hospital and a friend of one of my daughters.

    She refuses to even come into my apt. She went grocery shopping for me today, and as she brought the items to my door, I was trying to get out of bed to help her, fell over vacuum and darn near landed on my parrot. By the time I got to the door, she had gone but left the stuff piled up so I could put it away.

    My hands and knees hurt from the fall but no permanent damage. However, I think I am going to need a Phyc big time in a few more months.

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