Not a Happy Place. The Wuhan Coronavirus did not make this. The Government did.

Layoffs.  Early retirements.  Empty workstations.  Surplus furniture.

This is not a happy place.




These represent peoples’ lives disrupted and thrown into chaos.  These are the result of the State shutting down the Economy, at the behest of unelected “scientists”, computer modelers (whose models were shown to be spectacularly wrong), and public health “experts”, who knew not what they were doing.  Their jobs were and are not at risk.  Their cubicles and offices, still fully occupied, their paychecks, and generous government pensions (which most employees in the productive sector no longer have), are undiminished.  This is evil.  And destructive.

5 thoughts on “Not a Happy Place. The Wuhan Coronavirus did not make this. The Government did.

  1. D’Nanda Panda

    Did you see that pathetic pitch at Nats’ Park, RB? Then sitting between friends, smiling and joking, sans mask? Fauci, thou art a fraud.

  2. accordion2ray

    It is very difficult to develop herd immunity for a respiratory virus without the schools being open. It might still happen as is happening in NY, but it takes a long time. The curve is well past being flattened and we are prolonging the inevitable. We might no longer technically be in a pandemic anymore. It’s more informative to study deaths rather than cases, if only because data on hospitalizations is not widely available. Cases are more subject to being manipulated and could be misleading. Estimates of immunity from blood tests do not tell the entire story because T-cell immunity is about twice what the coronavirus antibodies offers. This is why when NY antibody prevalence was surveyed at 21%, they were actually very close to achieving herd immunity. Blue state governors are trying to feed the narrative of bad response to the virus at the federal level when it is their own lack of courage that is to blame. That also goes for teachers union representatives when they make political demands not related to the virus.

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