This made me laugh.

I have a presence on LinkedIn, but I don’t do much with it, and soon I will be doing even less.  My last work day is August 31, and then I finally retire.  I do intend to do a post to that effect, so they can stop sending me job listings.

I will probably still get requests from people to “join my network”.  I got one request today that made me laugh out loud.  It was from a company in Thailand!  Personally, I am not fond of companies who send their business offshore to save costs.  I don’t think that, in the end, many costs are saved, since you have to consider the costs of shipping to and from overseas, time-zone differences which hamper communication, and problems when you receive defective material from halfway around the world.  The company I work for now is buying some complex assemblies from an offshore source, and it seems to me that they are a bit late, since many firms are bringing their stuff back!

I have a friend in Thailand, and I hope he is also getting a chuckle from this.  Not only will I not accept that Thai company into what network I have, but I am planning a post asking that foreign companies, especially those from Communist China, not ask to join my network.  Being retired, I can’t do them much good, now can I?

17 thoughts on “This made me laugh.

    1. Try an experiment for me, please. Can you open my blog in a different browser, and see if you can like? I discovered that I can’t get into my own blog from the front end in Safari! I can log in and get to the back end, but can’t even comment from the front (public-facing) side. I can, however, in Firefox!

    1. I will try to keep busy. The first thing I plan on when we return from vacation is sign up for firearms training. I have never held a gun before, much less shot one. There is a new place not far from home where I can take lessons and get advice on what I should buy.

      1. I think you have enough activities and you will be a great fit within the WT family.

        I am going to be WT’s Director of Latin American Operations (in my dreams).

      1. I have been planting that seed for years with my fingers crossed for good luck. If they find someone more qualified who will work harder for little pay and has a better grasp of both languages and cultures then my hat is off to them.

  1. Speaking of which, I have a nice home here in a gated community. It is available (non-nCOVID-19 years) free of charge* from Mar-Oct for Simonettes & Rushbabes.

    Enquire within. Se habla español.

    *You do have the option to pay for your water & electricity.

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