Skagit Valley Excursion

This afternoon, Hubby and I drove up to the Skagit Valley, just to get out of the house.  The weather was cool and crisp, and the clouds were ominous sometimes.  When we got there, we took our favorite road through the fields.


A little farther on, as the sun was just setting:


Around the next bend:


Pretty spectacular thunderheads in the distance.  And, just down the road, we spotted a small flock of swans.



Wild-the swans taking off caught the sunset on their wings.

3 thoughts on “Skagit Valley Excursion

    1. I believe they are trumpeter swans, since they were quite noisy! In my post about my Cambridge trip in 1991, I published a picture of the swans we encountered while punting on the River Cam. Very stately creatures. The Skagit Valley also sees flocks of snow geese in the winter. And a very happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

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