Words I have come to hate this year

In this plague year of misery, fear, isolation, and lost jobs, the State, and the Health Nazis, have ruined not only the lives and livelihoods of their citizens, but a fair piece of the English language.  For ever after, I will cringe whenever I see or hear the following words and phrases.

Safety; Safe; Keep — safe.  These are the biggies.  In the interest of “keeping the public safe” from the Wuhan Coronavirus, the State governments of all fifty states have, literally, destroyed their economies, and the livelihoods of their citizens.  Some people might have been kept from getting the virus, but as a result, more and more people are dying of suicide, drug overdoses, and loneliness.  More than the number killed by the virus.  I am sick and tired of being nagged to “stay or keep safe”.  NO.

Protect; Protection.  These are the second-biggest.  The State has taken it upon itself to protect its citizens from a virus, which cannot be seen in any way, fought against, kept out, or otherwise affected.  In doing this, the State has used brutal, destructive methods which are evident everywhere, and the cure is worse than the disease.

Case; Cases.  Ten months later, the so-called “press” does not even use the words “Covid” or “Coronavirus” before the words case or cases-it is simply understood that they mean virus.  Most often used in hysterical headlines describing the huge numbers of new infections.


Guidelines.  In ruling by decree, our governors continually refer to health “guidelines”, when they are really Diktats, and must be obeyed under penalty of fines or imprisonment.  Real guidelines are suggestions, not laws.

Model, Modeling.  As in the phony “climate change” movement, people with computers, and algorithms, have been the powers behind the thrones of many state Dictators.  Their statistics, which use essentially made-up numbers, serve to convince the rulers that, if they do not control every aspect of their citizens’ lives, everyone will die of the virus.  This is absurd.  This also destroys the public’s trust in ANY computer model of any natural force.

Projection(s).  Derived from the above models, they are meant to scare everyone into obedience.

Lockdown. This is the first time in the history of the United States of America that the government has decreed that the entire economy of the country, and all its people, must stop.  This is evil, and has not had the desired effect upon the virus itself.  Its one major effect is to get state governors used to absolute power over their citizens.  This will be very difficult for the citizens to ever throw off.

Essential.  This pandemic has enabled state governors to, with very little pushback, decide unilaterally which of their industries and people may be declared “essential”, and thereby be allowed to work.  Those people and business deemed not to be essential are left to basically starve, or become wards of the state.

Distancing.  This term of social control has enabled state governments to ensure that their citizens are kept isolated, lonely, and fearful every day.  They are not to be allowed to meet with their friends or relatives, or travel for the big year-end holidays.  This is destructive of Society.

Saving Lives.  This is the government’s catch-all excuse for any kind of unilateral rule, mandate, or restriction.  There is absolutely NO way of ever knowing whether any one rule has saved even one life, since it would be unethical to run the tests.  So people simply blindly obey any rule their betters tell them will “save lives”.

Mask.  Since the kind of mask people are now required to wear whenever they are outside their homes are demonstrably NOT effective in stopping the virus, this is now the preferred method of social control over citizens.

Gathering.  This word used to be a happy word, denoting a group of people who get together for a common purpose.  Now that gatherings, especially of large family groups, are basically prohibited everywhere, the word denotes rebellion, and law-breaking.  In certain places, gatherings with more than one family may be punished.  Social control, destroying Society.

Public Health.  This now means onerous rules meant to control the public.  Who in the future will ever trust any Public Health official?

Have any words changed their meaning for you?

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