Have another Very Harry Christmas

Welcome to Christmas time at Hogwarts Castle.  Harry Potter’s first Christmas at Hogwarts was perhaps his first, real Christmas of his life.  He had been mistreated by his only living relatives most of the time, and had no idea of what Christmas was all about. [Editorial comment: There is no mention of anything really religious in the Harry Potter canon. Christ is never mentioned by himself, and even the church in Godric’s Hollow is only mentioned in relation to its graveyard, and carols sung. Witchcraft and Wizardry are not compatible with Christianity.]  But the celebrations go on.


Every year, I get out my copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (I prefer the British versions), and turn to the chapter on Christmas.  It is a joy, re-reading about Harry’s Hogwarts Christmas, where he gets real presents, and celebrates with his friends.


In later years, Harry gets to go into the town of Hogsmeade, and partake of all the winter delights there, like Honeyduke’s chocolate, butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks pub, and just the sight of the homes and shops in the snow.


I am especially fond of Harry’s beautiful Snowy Owl, Hedwig.  And this shot from the first film I especially love.  I think the Snowy Owl is just about the most gorgeous bird.


I wish all my readers and followers a Very Harry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.

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