There is No Trust

For New Years Eve, Hubby and I found a YouTube video of the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from Kings College, Cambridge, and watched the whole thing.  Each year, the College puts on this choral service, with different lessons, speakers, and carols each year.  The service from 2003 was strangely relevant to the state of the entire world, as we move from the horrible year of 2020 into 2021.  Watch this, and see if you don’t agree.

It seems as though one of the themes of the 2003 service was Trust, and how any society needs to have a large portion of trust among all the people.  Hubby and I looked at each other, and nodded.  The past year, and the next year, have almost totally destroyed what trust existed among most of the people in our great country.  We have lost all trust in our government, as we observed how the elites in our nation’s capital, who persecuted the President unceasingly for five years; and when proved wrong, suffered absolutely no consequences.  We observed how even those government agencies tasked with keeping Americans protected from internal and external foes, literally went over to the Dark Side, and acted like criminal enterprises, and suffered no consequences.

Then, with the onset of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, our state governments not only denied a large proportion of the American population the right to earn their livings; they made each of us suspicious of every other human being around us.  They mandated that we wear face coverings when indoors, and dehumanized us in the process.  They made informants out of everyday people in all walks of life, urging them to call down the wrath of the Health Nazis upon small businesses and individuals for the supposed crimes of not wearing that mask, or keeping six feet from everyone else.  It is this, that destroyed the Trust we humans must have in our fellows if Society is to be continued.

The result?  Skyrocketing crime rates; armies of little Stasi, spying on and turning in their neighbors; deaths of despair, suicides of young people, and elderly dying alone, denied the company of their families in their last days on Earth.

Also ruined this past year is the trust in “experts” of all kinds to steer society in the right direction.  So many so-called experts were revealed to be frauds, when the data and advice they provided were found to be false.  We lost any trust at all in computer models of pandemic spread, when the huge surges in infections and death that had been predicted to overwhelm the health-care system, never happened.  Today, the Computer Modeling Health Nazis are still predicting endless increases in deaths if the people engage in the activities of eating a meal away from home, and celebrating holidays with their families.  More and more of us are ignoring those dire “cry wolf” warnings, which still seem to lead to more hysterical responses from our new rulers.

Trust is gone.  Can it be restored?  If so, then how?  Society itself is broken.  I am not sure if it can be repaired. We had sure better try to repair the damage done to our country by the ones we elected to govern us, but who now rule us.

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