Health Nazi suggestions for your 2021 Goal-setting

A mental-health “expert” from the Washington State Department of Health, AKA here as “Health Nazi Department”, tells you, in an article from, how you should be making your 2021 resolutions and goals.  Here are some pull-quotes from that bracing, encouraging article:

This is the first line from the MyNorthwest article:   [Italics and bolding mine throughout]

However, even though the calendar says 2021, Dr. Kira Mauseth, co-lead of the Behavioral Health Strike Team at the Washington State Department of Health, warns that some things from the past year will remain.

The article tells readers to get ready, their new year will be bound by the same restrictions under which they have suffered for most of the past year.  Very encouraging.

A big push in 2021 as the COVID pandemic continues will be finding ways to connect. Connection is anything that prevents us from feeling isolated, [when the State decrees that you must isolate from your friends and family], Mauseth explained. Tactics include spending time with friends and family (creatively and safely), or anything that connects us to something bigger than ourselves. Be it your cuddly pets or a social cause or issue — there’s no wrong way to experience connection.

So, let’s see…  Dr. Mauseth tells you to find ways to connect, when the State has declared that family gatherings for holidays are prohibited, and you should be creative AND safe?  Like Holidays on Zoom?  Does she remember how those so-called “social causes” last year resulted in riots, destruction, and burned-down businesses, with the Antifa thugs attacking police officers, and mobs were not wearing masks or social distancing?  That kind of connection is OK, but a family Christmas is not.  How encouraging.

Continue to prioritize connections with other people, as hard as that might be, especially during these dark winter months when we’re not getting out and doing as much as we usually do,” Dr. Mauseth said.

She says it’s important to be willing to adjust your expectations around performance and success. That means adapting and being somewhat flexible with your goals.

“For example, if you have a fitness goal, try avoiding making it too large scale,” she said. “Instead, give yourself a menu of options or list of things that are smaller scale.”

Yeah, avoid those large scale goals, which, as soon as made, will be deemed prohibited by the Health Nazis in Olympia.

How very encouraging all these tips are.  Color me not convinced.

Happy New Year.


4 thoughts on “Health Nazi suggestions for your 2021 Goal-setting

  1. accordion2ray

    Maybe Dr. Mauseth would agree you probably shouldn’t make a goal of living too long. If you do still think you want to live a long life, maybe there’s a vaccine we can give you. You’ll just have to wait your turn like the other good lemmings.

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