Annals of Tyranny, Part II

I am sorry to have to issue Part II so soon after Part I, but new information has come out about the big roundup yesterday of democracy activists and politicians in Hong Kong, by the Communist Chinese government.  It seems that one of those democracy activists is a lawyer, and a US Citizen, named John Clancey.  He is in his seventies, and works at a Hong Kong law firm.  This adds a whole new dimension to the Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party.  If they feel safe in rounding up a citizen of the United States, who is also a lawyer, they must think there is little risk of the US Government objecting.  Think about it.  Communist China has no rule of law.  Their police regularly take into custody human rights activists, artists, journalists,  businessmen, and teenage internet users, who sometimes are never heard from again.

Communist China is a Police State, and no citizen is ever safe, in his home, business, school, or just on the streets.  What are the chances of a Biden government objecting to the imprisonment of a US citizen, when the Biden Family is beholden to the Communist Chinese?  This is a case to which you might wish to pay attention, because there is always the possibility that this kind of government action could be coming here.

4 thoughts on “Annals of Tyranny, Part II

  1. Biden can only dream of having such immunity from the law and will move us even further towards ChiCom style tyranny. Enjoy America. It seems this is what you want from your Ruling Class.

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