We the 75 Million will not abandon President Donald Trump

Regardless of all the vote fraud that denied our President a second term, and regardless of all the DemocRat knives already out for us, we will not abandon President Trump and all that he stands for. We love America and its founders, and the founding principles upon which they began the Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth. We follow President Trump, because we know that he loves America, and us, the American people who make this country work, all day, every day.

We believe that America is worth fighting for. We will not turn aside from this fight, even though the DemocRats and the Deep State, and even some of the wimpy so-called Republicans in Washington DC, have declared their distaste, and even hatred of us, and their determination to totally destroy us. We are here, and we will make our voices heard, even in the face of doxxing, de-platforming, and Twitter mobbing. If we end up having to take to the streets, we can actually learn something from the AntiFa thugs who ruined countless cities, businesses, and owners’ lives in the Summer of 2020.

We are Here. We are Watching as they try to ruin President Donald Trump and all of his cabinet members and employees. We will be waiting, and we will not go away.

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