Wuhan Coronavirus Spreads in Communist Northeast China

How many times have you seen in print stories about how “Communist China effectively controlled the Wuhan Coronavirus” and their economy is roaring back”?  The Wall Street Journal often publicizes how the Communist Chinese have beaten back the virus that originated there, and overcome all the adverse consequences.

Well, that is a big, fat, lie.  The Communist Chinese have not beaten the Wuhan Coronavirus.  In fact, the virus has come roaring back, in Northeast China, where the Communist Chinese Capital of Beijing is (Hebei Province).  Entire million-plus-population cities are being locked down as we speak, and as we all have seen, the Communist Chinese are really, really good at locking things and people down (see Xinjiang, Uighurs).

Here are a couple of stories to that effect, from The Epoch Times.

CCP Virus Updates: Cases surging in Northeast China

New CCP Virus outbreak in Northeast China province spreads quickly

Areas of Hebei, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Henan, and Ningxia provinces, as well as Inner Mongolia and Beijing, announced that they entered “wartime” mode over the weekend as a result of surges in CCP virus cases. “Wartime” mode typically means that draconian restrictions are placed on when residents can leave their homes, and almost all public facilities, such as schools, stores, stadiums, and parks, are closed.

“At present, diagnosed patients and cluster outbreaks are happening all around the country,” Xu Hejian, a spokesperson for the Beijing city government, said at a press conference on Jan. 8.

It’s been widely reported that China has underreported cases of the virus in a bid to safeguard its image both nationally and internationally.

Personally, I do not believe any news reports coming out of Communist China, since it has always been in their interest to promote their own interests, and they cannot have the world thinking that they are being hurt by their own virus.  Knowing that Communists care little for their own people, they care less about accurate information getting out.  Must save face, always.


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