Are We and They Blind? Taking Media censorship to the next step

This morning, there is a story on Fox News about the congress-critter known as AOC (you know, that former bartender from Queens NY), advocating Government “reining-in the Press”.  Others have advocated the Government taking control of the media, only allowing what the Government deems correct news to be seen by the American public.

The conservative commentariat has the usual objections, noting that under such an unconstitutional regime only the approved, mainstream media would be able to publish or broadcast the news.  But even they don’t take it to the next step, which is a demonstration of everyone’s short-sightedness.

In any authoritarian regime (which is already initiated in the United States, and will accelerate after January 20), everyone, but everyone, is under observation.  NO ONE is exempt from the monitoring of Big Brother.  Even today’s Big Media should be keeping a close eye on their Masters in Government, because:

ONE.WRONG.WORD will bring down the wrath of said Authoritarian Government upon them.  No one is immune, and it’s just a matter of time before the Mainstream Media are in the crosshairs of their former allies.  Everyone should learn about the Stalinist Purges of the 1930s in Russia.  All authoritarians must constantly keep an eye on all their supporters, just watching for disloyalty.  One wrong word or action, and the Dictator will purge you from power.  Just before World War II, Stalin purged most of the best generals in the Russian Army, which severely hampered their ability to fight Hitler.

The Left/DemocRat party in America is a “coalition of convenience”, and every coalition partner should be very careful what they say and do. One Wrong Word, and they become the target.

Events move quickly around here.  A Public Radio (leftist by definition) station in Texas has banned a New York Times podcast!  Well, suspended anyway, because of “not reflecting our values”.  Left eating its own?  You be the judge.

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