It was Luck-and the camera at the ready

I have started keeping my big camera (just a Canon point-and-shoot) on my kitchen table, so if anybody shows up in the back yard, I can capture him. Well, yesterday I got a good one! My favorite little Townsend’s Warbler showed up, and I got in a couple of great shots of him on the fence.

Townsend’s Warbler
Townsend’s Warbler head-on

That’s the very first time I have been able to capture this little guy head-on, so you can really see his yellow eye-rings, and his black bandit mask. No doubt who he is! Normally, he doesn’t come around until later in the Winter, but this year we started seeing him back in September, and he is a regular visitor to our suet feeders. We have two, and he seems to like the hot-pepper suet the best (squirrels hate it, so they stay away).

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