Leftist Riots Continue, even when they hold near-absolute power in government

The thugs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter continue to hold their Riots in West-coast cities, even on the day that Dear Leader Joe B**** is inaugurated.  Seattle and Portland continue to see rioting, vandalism, and wanton destruction of businesses in the cities’ downtowns.  The Fox News story describes this as “Leftist Insurrection”, which means attempting to overthrow the government.  But doesn’t the Left already control the National, and State governments on the West Coast?  Why would they try to overthrow their own people? So, what will the New Regime do, when rioters are attacking the DemocRat Party local offices?  They are doing that now in Portland.  This is the way it always happens-they start attacking each other.  Stand back and watch, this could be interesting.

In Seattle, the rioters are now anti-ICE (which the New Regime will throttle), and anti-B****.  What?  I think that the thugs are now just indulging in destruction for its own sake.  They don’t really care what the government does, since nothing they do has any adverse consequences for them.  It’s great fun for them to take their baseball bats and break windows, on cars and businesses in their path.  They get lots of pleasure from tagging buildings, statues, and vehicles with their spray-painted slogans and curses.  They know the so-called “press” will almost totally ignore what they are doing, so they don’t suffer at all.  And no one but those who live in the West-coast cities will even know about their violence.


And those city residents are, indeed, taking notice.  Many of them are leaving.  More power to them.

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