Proof, on Day One, that the Republican Party despises its Voters

Today, the very first day of the presidency of B****, the US Senate, now evenly divided between R and D senators, approved on an 89-10 vote, the nomination of Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence.  This Obama-administration retread has a very revealing platform.  As DNI, she says the “Intelligence Community”:

“has the capacity to understand, warn, protect and defend the United States against the threats we face,” and pointed to a number of threats — ranging from “traditional state actors” to “evolving” transnational threats like climate change, cyber attacks, terrorism, global organized crime and corruption, disinformation campaigns and more.”

Now, what do you think HER definition of disinformation might be?  Perhaps, anything spoken or written by a conservative, or a supporter of President Donald Trump?  Will statements or ads or writings in online or print media by conservatives be judged as disinformation campaigns?  We’ll see, probably in a very short time.

And, do you notice, that she anticipates intelligence threats from climate change!  No one from the Senate bothered to ask her what kind of intelligence threat is represented by climate change.  How will she and her so-called “intelligence community” identify a climate change intelligence threat?

That the Senate, with the vast support of elected Republicans, confirmed her on Day One says to me that the Republican Party has absolutely NO concern for its base of voters, and are very happy to throw us under the bus, except when they want our money.  I am very much hoping that no Republican donor give one additional penny to the party which despises us.

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