Not wasting any time, are they? 17 Executive Orders on Day One of B**** presidency

We all knew that the New Regime would work quickly to “cancel” the Trump Administration’s actions on behalf of the American People.  Here is what has been released today, January 20, 2021, before Day One is over.  And this is only the beginning.   I have added “cui bono” reaction (who benefits) in blue.

  1.  Issues 100-Day Masking Challenge to entire nation.  Masks to be required on citizens in all Federal buildings, on all Federal land (I assume this includes national parks).  I can’t see that anyone benefits, except the Federal Bureaucracy gains more power over us.
  2. Rejoins the World Health Organization, and Dr. Fauci becomes head of the US delegation to WHO.  Communist China benefits, since they control the WHO.
  3. Create a Covid-19 Response Coordinator.  Unknown if this is a new position, with requisite high salary, benefits, and pension.  Only the person in that position will benefit from the increased federal spending.
  4. Extends nationwide eviction moratorium to March 31.  Renters in government housing benefit; landlords forced closer to bankruptcy since they cannot collect rent from those who are using their property.
  5. Suspension of payments on all federal student loans extended until the end of September.  Graduate students, med students, doctors, lawyers, others with high salaries benefit from more income they do not have to use to pay back their loans.  The US Treasury is denied those funds, and the US Public suffers.
  6. Rejoins the Paris Climate Accords.  No one benefits, the economy will suffer greatly.  Watch for it.
  7. Cancels the Keystone-XL Pipeline project.  No one benefits, but many workers will be thrown out of jobs, energy will cost more, and we alienate our Ally, Canada.  Maybe “green energy” interests benefit from more federal largesse.
  8. Rescind the Trump 1776 Commission.  Continues the re-write of American History.  No one benefits, and American children will continue to be taught that America is Evil.
  9. Prevents workplace “discrimination” on basis of sexual orientation or “gender identity”.  The LGBTQXYZ Lobby benefits, as do Plaintiffs Attorneys.
  10. Requires non-citizens to be counted in census, for congressional re-districting.  Illegal Aliens and the DemocRat Party benefit from all the new Dem voters instantly given voting “rights”.
  11. Fortifies DACA.  Illegal Aliens benefit.  They vote Dem, so the DemocRat Party benefits.
  12. Reverses the Trump Administration restrictions on immigration from majority-Moslem countries.  Radical Islam benefits.
  13. Undoes the expansion of immigration enforcement inside the US under Trump.  Illegal Aliens benefit.
  14. Halts construction on the Mexico border wall by rescinding the emergency declaration that authorized it.  Illegal Aliens and border-crossers benefit.  This is an open invitation for more illegals to cross the southern border.
  15. Extends deferral of deportation for Liberians under “safe harbor” provisions, to 2022.  Illegal Liberians in the US benefit.
  16. Required Executive Branch appointees to sign an “ethics pledge” that they will not work for their own interests.  Maybe just for The Party’s interests?
  17. Directs OMB director to develop recommendations to “modernize” regulatory review, and undoes the Trump regulatory approval process.  What this means is more regulations everywhere in the US economy, making doing any kind of business in the US more difficult.  Increases the quantity of “red tape” that all businesses have.  The Regulatory State benefits.

What do all of the above executive orders have in common?  The American Public is hurt by every single one. You, the Taxpayers of America, will find smaller paychecks, higher taxes, higher gas and other energy prices, fewer new jobs, and little to no representation in Congress.  Your children are already taught that America was founded on Racism, Imperialism, and Discrimination; they are taught that people are destroying this planet; they are taught that they can be whatever sex they feel like they are today, starting now in kindergarten.  This is not going to go well for America.

Oh, yes, and you will have no outlets to complain about anything that will be happening to you, because the Big Tech companies will only allow the speech that they deem acceptable.  Since Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon will be increasingly ascendant, your speech will be throttled at every turn.  Get used to it.

3 thoughts on “Not wasting any time, are they? 17 Executive Orders on Day One of B**** presidency

  1. Percival

    Stopping the pipeline is spectacularly stupid. Oil that could have been moved by the pipeline will be moved by rail instead. Trains derail. The spills will be much larger.

    1. smsgtret

      Have you ever seen any mansions (especially in New England) with rail lines running through them? Probably very few. They all run through farm land and small towns. No need to worry about the inhabitants of *those* places…

  2. Yeah, and the Government can fine the railroads big bucks to avoid EPA prosecution. Houston will have a really big problem when they ban fracking and thousands of people lose their jobs. The majority of Houston is energy companies.

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