What the Republicans in the Senate NEED to do, starting tomorrow:

…and what we know they will not, because they cannot.  The Senate is today evenly-divided between Republicans and Radical Leftists, who operate in two entirely different universes.  The New Regime has already told us what they intend to do, and unless the Republicans do this, the Left will succeed beyond their wildest dreams, and destroy America.

The Senate, starting tomorrow, needs to Vote NO on every Leftist Bill, or B**** Appointment brought up before them.  They need to vote NO every time they are presented with a bill that raises taxes, or re-regulates business, or shuts down entire productive sectors of the US economy.

The Republican half of the US Senate needs to make Kamala Harris, who would need to vote to break every tie, OWN their agenda by  enacting all legislation, and approving every Regime appointment on a 51-50 vote.  Every Single One.  Make Kamala Harris do the work on every single bill or issue or appointment.  Make her essentially live on the floor of the Senate, for as long as Congress is in session.

Unfortunately, we know that this will never happen.  The first time the Senate votes to approve a Radical Leftist to run any cabinet department, they will have told US, their Constituents, that they no longer care about us being destroyed-they only care about their own jobs, and their own access to the Trillions of Government-printed Dollars that will be cascading out of Washington (after having been confiscated from the American Public).  And they will have caused the Death of the Republican Party in this country.  We, those voters, will not forget this.  Ever.

5 thoughts on “What the Republicans in the Senate NEED to do, starting tomorrow:

  1. Jeff Borgens

    We appreciate what the Senate needs to do. It was made much harder by the painful and unnecessary loses in Georgia. Each Senator is accountable for their own vote (yes, the Romney’s, the Murkowski’s, the Manchin’s, and the Tester’s). Minority leadership does NOT control the agenda, so it’s time to understand that conservatives have what they have now.

  2. Flicker

    I don’t think Kamala has the capacity to be embarrassed by anything. And I’m not sure public sentiment means anything at the polls anymore. But here’s hoping.

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